I have two ideas running around my head just now for stories. 

The one…a WHF-verse story featuring a rather inept and (deliberately) unlikeable protagonist who, through his own arrogance and stupidity puts a lot of people in a lot of danger.  He has to deal with the consequences of his actions and make amends – but given certain limitations, it isn’t going to be easy. 

Working title for this story is ‘Cause and Effect’.

The other is a W40K-verse fic featuring a planet overrun by orks, Imperial Guardsmen, Imperial Fists, seige machines, auspexes and an acknowledgement that Fate has a warped, twisted sense of humour. 

Working title for this story is ‘Rivalry’.

Of course, I’m still in mid ‘Childhood’s End’, am co-writing ‘Brotherhood’ and ‘Viper’s Nest’ and have the sequel to ‘Childhood’s End’ in mind as well.  That DOESN’T have a working title.  That HAS a title.  Because I’m mildly confident that this blog is purely my own and nobody actually READS it, the title, for posterity, will be ‘Son of the Waxing Moon’.

Creativity, cease thy permanent skull-battering, would you?


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