A Little R’n’R…and some explanation.

See the Pyro over there? Steve Gordon drew that for me, he did.  I bought a copy of his ‘Expressions and Attitudes’ book directly from him and he likes to personalise for you.  So when I asked him for a Pyro, he was thrilled to bits to finally get to do someone from Evolution other than Rogue or Nightcrawler.  I did the colouring myself: I like doing that.  I’ve done a whole swathe of Evolution colouring.  Such as Rogue and Avalanche.  All colouring in Photoshop.



I like Steve Gordon’s take on the X-Verse.  He’s responsible for the character design in the Avengers films too (if you haven’t seen them, see them.  Especially the outtakes.  Eat at Tony Stark’s House of Ribs!)

Note: before my old computer crashed, I also started on my most ambitious project ever: a hand-drawn with the mouse, hand-coloured Bumblebee from Transformers.  Then my old machine crashed and I lost the PSD file and have never been bothered to start it again.  This is as far as I ever got.  I was rather proud.

Lots of people wonder why it is that I like Pyro out of the Brotherhood.  I’ll be honest with you here – it’s largely because he died a hero, realising the error of his ways.  His is a tragic little story, and I love me a bit of Australian hack-writer angst.  The Evolution Pyro was strangely endearing on the grounds that he was quite bonkers – and the film Pyro is Aaron “Shorter Than Previously Thought” Stanford, who’s a great actor put into a bad role.

It’s also the fact, of course, that Pyro is a writer.  And yeah – he writes dime store trash gothic romances.  But I can forgive him that, because he can create tangible constructs out of fire.  So St. John Allerdyce has been my favourite X-verse villain for many a year.  Mr. Sinister comes in at a close second, though.  He’s so…British.  But not in a Betsy Braddock kind of a way.

So Pyro.  Yeah.  I love him.  And the Human Torch.  I have a thing for guys who can control flames.  So sue me.  (And yes, I did watch ‘Sky High’ and think Warren Peace was pretty darned cute.  Always with the fire guys).  Hence – Pyroriffic.

I’ve been a fan of the X-verse since I was eleven, which is rather  a long time ago now.  I always had a bit of a Thing for Gambit (what woman in her right mind WOULDN’T?), but I outgrew him and latched onto some of the other characters a bit, particularly Cannonball and Colossus.  Cannonball is fun purely because of the vast clan of Guthries that follow along after him and Colossus is just a big ol’ hunk of Russian fluff.  And can throw Wolverine helluva far.  As evidenced by the t-shirt that the nice Black Library authors signed for me.  (£10 per compliment, lads).

I also love the Fantastic Four – particularly the Ultimate Fantastic Four (even more so if it’s a Millar/Hitch combo – they’re like the dream team for me).  Sad, I know.

I have tried to break out of the Marvel-verse many times.  Indeed, the Lovely Mr. Kyme [tm] has recommended some Batman series for me to start with.  But I’ve now lost those with the loss of the BL forums (hint).

Anyway, why am I blathering on about Marvel comics?  It’s Friday, I’ve escaped from work and there’s a bottle of wine in the shop with my name on it.  Because my name IS Cabernet Sauvignon.


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