On Being Unwell… and Stargate SG:1 DVD Box Sets

I didn’t sleep very well last night.

I’m running a temperature and I had the kind of headache that pounded its way across the hours like a herd of stampeding elephants.  I got a couple of hours snooze, but would then wake up, hot and headachey and feeling generally yeuch.

I rang in sick today.  In the two years of being at UHNT, this is only my second day off on the sick.  Not sure why it makes me feel guilty, but it does.  Only yesterday I was actually commenting on the fact that I seemed to do well with the whole sick leave thing.  Fate’s an evil son of a camel dealer’s daughter.

So I’ve spent the day on my sick bed (sofa), trying to catch up on some sleep, drinking lots of fluids, eating ibuprofen washed down with Lemsip and discovering that it’s an incontravertible law of nature that when you really need a sugar rush, there’s not so much as a square of Dairy Milk in the house. 

I’ve been whiling away the not-snoozing hours by re-watching old episodes of Stargate: SG1.  I’d forgotten how much better it was at the start.  A great series, SG1, that should have finished at the end of season 8.  I love Ben Browder and Claudia Black – the full set of Farscape on the shelf is testimony to that – but they should never have been put into Stargate.  Particularly not when Ben Browder’s character was completely Crichton.

In a similar vein, I’ve enjoyed Stargate: Universe so far.  I have to say that for the most part, all of the main characters are pretty unpleasant, which is great.  It gives them an opportunity to redeem themselves as the story opens.  Am liking the very heavy focus of character study rather than out-and-out action.  It does have more of a touch of Battlestar Galactica about it in terms of cinematography, but that’s no bad thing.

Yes, that box set is up there, too. 

Aside: excuse the delay, had to break off for a full-on coughing fit there, which was most unpleasant.

Presently on the second episode of SG1 season 2: “In the Line of Duty”, the episode where they introduce the Tok’ra.  They were always a proper funny bunch, too.  Ostensibly the good guys (after a fashion), they retained the arrogance of the rest of the Go’auld, which always leaves you with that ‘not entirely sure I trust them’ feel.

Oh, that’s that one finished, what’s the next one? 

Oooh, standard woodland planet.  Apparently the planet has ‘trees and moss’ to offer.  Oh, Jack.  How we missed you once you left.  No, it’s not ringing any bells yet.  They’ve picked up some scratty little bloke who’s having a standard SG:1 panic.  Oooh, now I remember.  “Prisoners”.  The one with her-who-used-to-be-in-St. Elsewhere-years-ago.

Sorry, I digress.

Another Aside: Michael Shanks really was very cute with that floppy hair.

I really shouldn’t try to make a post when I’m not very well.  It’s the equivalent to incoherent babbling, isn’t it?

Go cheer on Chris Wraight instead.  He’s gone a bit Greek.


4 thoughts on “On Being Unwell… and Stargate SG:1 DVD Box Sets

  1. forjador says:

    Hi Pyro,

    I’m sorry to hear you’re not well. I just wanted to say I’m enjoying reading your blog, I found it by following one of your posts on Chris Wraight blog.

    I noticed the link to The Black Library Junkies Bolthole, I’m planning to register once I get back home from work.

    Now I have two new sites to add to my blogroll.

    Get better and keep it up!

  2. pyroriffic says:

    Thanks for the good wishes, Forjador.

    Have to say that I LOVE your artwork, it’s seriously nice stuff!

  3. forjador says:

    Hey thank you Pyro, I’m glad you like it. 🙂

  4. miryr says:

    On the contrary, Stargate SG-1 got better as it aged (until season 8). The first few episodes in season one are horrible, especially the one with the Mongols.

    Samantha also stopped doing her act where she bitched about how she could do anything a man could. She was extremely annoying there, but suddenly she stopped and she became a likable hero.

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