Well, seeing as the rest of this evening has gone the way of the dodo, I may as well procrastinate a little more and write something in here.

I had great plans for tonight.  GREAT plans, I’m telling you.  I have a manuscript to proofread that has to be back on Friday, I have a short story to tidy up and I have a synopsis to spruce up.  I have a million and one things to do and the whole darned thing was derailed with a phone call.

Then another one, connected to the first.

Then a third, connected to the first two.

And then, just when you thought it was safe to put the phone down, a fourth, neatly tying all the others up.

These phone calls were all LRP related and it all got a bit increasingly silly.  I love my hobby, really I do, but there are times when the whole soap opera drama element of it leaves me wondering why I bother.  (Then Kayleigh rings and everything is marvellous again).


Harmless? I'll show you harmless.

Once that was all cleared up, I though ‘great!  Now I can get on with all the above!‘  Only then a friend of ours decided to randomly turn up on the doorstep.  I sat down with the manuscript at 6.15pm.  I’m only now getting round to doing it at 9.30pm.  Seriously, Whisky, Tango, Foxtrot?

Aside: The Powerpuff Girls appears to be on.  I think I most closely relate to Buttercup.  She’s the tough talkin’ one who’s a bit squishy at heart.  Hence… the picture.

So yeah, this evening’s gone completely to pot, but all is not lost!  I can get a LOT done in two hours.

But first… to set the laptop aside and NOT fall to the lure of those dratted Facebook apps…


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