That Was The Week That Was

Been a good week, if a little bewildering in places.  I took last Friday and this Monday off as holiday and did it ever throw out my perception of where I was in the week?  I spent nearly all day Wednesday thinking it was Tuesday, which isn’t anything MAJOR, except I almost forgot to sort out the case notes for Thursday’s 3 hour meeting.  Fortunately, sanity kicked in and I got a grip.  Other than that, work has been… work.  I go in.  I do my job to the best of my ability, I come home.  I enjoy my job, but this week has been weird because of the time thing.

I’ve done a fair whack of writing this week, both personal projects and other things: one of the group stories over at the Bolthole is almost completely finished and it’s turned into a stonking story.  I’ve really enjoyed the collaborative project with the guys over there, it proved to be a cool concept and became a good story.  I wrote the third part of the Very Silly Indeed W40K/Frankenstein mash up which is a GREAT excuse to write something completely silly and gently take the mickey.  One of my personal projects has grown from an idea to just over 9,000 words in a week – which is awesome.

I’ve also read a lot this week.  ‘A Thousand Sons’ was fantastic, as I expected it to be and I shall look forward to ‘Prospero Burns’ next year with no less enthusiasm.  I think Dan Abnett has his work cut out for him redeeming Leman Russ who has proven himself to be something of a hothead – but I look forward to seeing the ‘other side of the story’.  AD-B’s ‘Soul Hunter’ is next on the list, but I’ve also taken myself back to the beginnings of the Horus Heresy and have just got back to ‘Flight of the Eisenstein’.

Also contemplating the next Felix Castor book, too.  But there’s the whole Ciaphis Cain sitting here looking at me, too.

So many books, so little time.

What else this week? Exchanged some very enthusiastic (perhaps overly so, sorry about that!) about some ideas that I’ve had, pestered some other people until they were practically shooing me out of their inbox, stopped Flickums flailing about wedding related things… was told by someone at work today that they love it when I ring “because I’m always nice and always make them smile”, which is a nice thing to be told.

Missed my baby boy this week as he’s been at his dad’s, but he comes home Monday.  Mine.  Mine.  Mine.

Watching ‘Mythbusters’ make a rocket out of household objects.  Bloody awesome, that is.

LOVING ‘Being Human’, can’t wait to see how that pans out on Sunday.  Oh, and we also FINALLY finished watching series 2 of ‘Rome’.  What a series THAT was.  Fantastic stuff.

Have settled down a bit re: the whole LRP thing.  Stuff is much, much calmer now and I’m even daring to look forward to the faction event in March.  Ask me afterwards if I still feel the same.

Cat had bad eye; cat’s eye is now better.

Dearly Beloved built the drawers for the bedroom and they look ace.  That’s too domestic for words, isn’t it?

And… stuff happened.  Lots of stuff.  And some things, too.


2 thoughts on “That Was The Week That Was

  1. PST says:

    Stuff and things are good! I think your Stuff and Things edges out my Stuff and Things but it’s freaky how connected they are both in subject and timing.

    The Cain books are very easy reading, there’s a lot of hidden subtlety to them, but I love them most for being Flashman in 40k

  2. pyroriffic says:

    I’m about 5 pages into ‘For the Emperor’ and I’m already giggling like an idiot. I love that someone has managed to inject this level of humour into the W40K-verse. Genius.

    Can’t wait to get through them.

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