Sunday, Bloody Sunday

Well, not so much bloody as snowy.  Was supposed to be going down to Leeds to Kayleigh and Spencer’s place, but the persistent White Stuff has returned, which coupled with a phone call to advise me that there was about six inches of the stuff in Leeds already put an end to that plan.

Have been quietly productive over the weekend.  In light of what I ranted about the other day regarding my online stories being a sort of ‘scrap book for the writing soul’, I took one of them gently from its rack, gave it a polish and put it back.  Then I looked at it, took it down again and gave it a second polish and shine.  I’m quite pleased with the results. 

The fic in question is A Human Moment, one of my personal favourite character vignettes. I like character pieces. I love creating characters and giving them sense and purpose and style and shape. I like to just put them into situations and write for them, seeing how they react. A number of my characters have deviated from their original conception in this way. But that’s good, for me, at least. Characters who don’t behave the way you predict can sometimes bring their own stories with them.

Bimbled around on WoW yesterday… was truly awesome to ‘bump’ into Katie and her Level 80 Ninja Pirate, or whatever the heck she is.  Whatever it is, it’s ultra-cool.  🙂

Other than that, this weekend is particularly quiet.  ‘Being Human’ tonight (yay!) and we have pork for dinner. Delicious food brought to you from the heart of the Omnomnomnicon.

And tomorrow… back to work, back to reality and all that entails.


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