Cold Turkey

It’s only when you stop having something, only when you deny yourself the pleasures of a drug that you realise just how addicted to it you are, isn’t it?  My head is pounding, I feel annoyed at the world and I want to throw things around in a Wee Bit of a Snit, as Mr. Scott once said.

Yesterday was the first day of me cutting back on my caffeine intake.

I know, I know, you’re probably all laughing at me right now, but I have a non-caffeine intake headache of primarch proportions.  I had one cup of coffee today.  One.  All day.  Normally, I’ve had about six by lunchtime alone.  But I committed to a two-week detox-style diet with a work colleague, and reduced caffeine intake is on the list.  This is probably a good thing, I’m reasoning, because I DO drink far too much of the stuff.  This detox.  No caffeine, no bread, no carbs at all after 6pm… it’s like some kind of slow, horrible torture.

However, it’ll theoretically be beneficial in the long run, so I’ll stop complaining. 

What else is new?  Not much.  LRP is getting sorted out, which is a relief. I was starting to get sick of the constant whining when all of a sudden, the circle of influence mustered by the Key Whinger seemed to shrink and less people paid attention to anything they had to say.  Bonus!

Have been working on the re-write of my character, as she’s Getting Much Harder in the upcoming game year due to all sorts of complicated reasons.  Was quite pleased with the initial suggestion I put across, even more so when the others on the plot team jumped on it and liked it as well.  Nice and dramatic with the opportunity for unnecessary amounts of fake blood all over myself.  Always fun.

(There’s a reason I like the Blood Angels, you know).

Sat down with a three word opening sentence that had been nudging at me all night and rattled off about two thousand words in an astonishingly short space of time.  Nice to know the creative juices are still flowing.  The less caffeine I have, the angrier my characters become, though.

Funny, that.

Other than that, it’s all very quiet on the western front.  Work is work, Being Human was awesome the other night – very much looking forward to the series finale on Sunday and I have a physiotherapist appointment next Monday in the continued efforts to deal with my progressively worse tennis elbow.

So… in short, it’s a case of move along – nothing to see here.

In the meantime, here’s a picture that makes me laugh, but which  nobody I work with finds remotely amusing.


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