The ‘deny self all culinary pleasures’ approach has gone down well, as it happens.  Here I am at the end of week one of the two week programme and I have lost 6lbs.  A good start?  Yes, I thought so too.  I’ve also eaten some very tasty tasty foods this week, too and haven’t actually missed carbs all that much.  I must admit, it’s hard to figure out what to have with something.  Can’t have potatoes, can’t have pasta, can’t have rice after 6pm… I’ve been more than achieving my five a day this week and that must surely be a good thing.

The lack of bread has been the toughest thing.  I love my bread.  Toast is one of the great comfort foods.  But… I’ve given up bread before and it’s true: it IS quite bad for me.  I don’t claim to have any sort of gluten intolerance, but I have to acknowledge that I feel less bloated and grumbly when I’m off the bread.  Shall just have to learn to cut right back on it once the detox is over.

But, you know.  6lbs off as a booster to getting back on the Straight and Narrow of sensible eating is a good thing.  Have just done my shopping for next week and it’s more of the same.  But I feel accomplished.  I’ve seen a result.

Other news from this week?  Some pretty shitty stuff with Dearly Beloved’s place of work that means we might be up a certain creek without a canoe, never mind a paddle come end of April.  Hopefully it won’t come to that and things will get sorted well in advance, but it’s a worry I can definitely live without.

Have been writing up a storm; the story that was just an idea has fleshed out at just a little under 12,000 words pre-edit and I’m quite chuffed with that.

Work has been… workish.  I haven’t enjoyed it these past few days, but that is in part because of the bomb dropped by Dearly Beloved’s lot earlier in the week.  Going in late tomorrow as I have a physiotherapist appointment first thing.  It’s faintly irritating that because I fall under County Durham trust that I can’t just go to the physio unit at the hospital I work in, which is Stockton.  It’s silly.  But… it’s the NHS.  Who said reason had to form a part of it?

So I’m off to treat myself to my One Coffee and play a bit more Fable 2.


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