Somebody Told Me…

…you had a boyfriend, who looked like a girlfriend…

Dammit, I HATE It when you get a song stuck in your head.  So you can have it too.

It was on the radio earlier and hasn’t got out of my head yet. 

Talking of being on the radio earlier, in typical Sarah-fashion, I won a competition on the radio today for answering three questions.  The prize was tickets either tonight or tomorrow night for a Motown-inspired show up in Newcastle ‘Dancing in the Street’.  Naturally, when the gadgee from the radio station rang me, he could only offer me tickets for tonight.  When I couldn’t go.  So I ‘generously’ offered to put the prize back in the hat for another winner.

I’m so darned noble, you know.

Other than that, this week has been More Of The Same.  Work, work, work.  Went to the physiotherapist on Monday about my ongoing tennis elbow.  That was about as much use as a frickin’ chocolate teapot.  Going back again next Monday so she can stare in bewilderment at my arm which seems to defy all logic or something.


Lovely offer of a trip to Ireland in the summer though, which would be utterly awesome, and I suspect the company would be fantastic.  There may be a danger of of all being too similar and making each other laugh to death, though.  If ever anything sold it to me? That would be it.  It was such a heartfelt offer though, particularly in the wake of the difficult time we’ve had this week since Dearly Beloved’s lot told him the shop would be closing April 24th.

Point – they had the nerve to send him a ‘PLAN FOR YOUR FUTURE WITH YOUR COMPANY PENSION!’ circular in the post this week.  He wouldn’t let me ring them up and tell them where to shove it.  He’s no fun.

Highlights for this weekend include parting with a small fortune for new disks/brakes for the car, and then driving down to Leeds on Sunday to spend much-needed time with Kayleigh and Spencer.  Life is complex, but manageable.

Still needs Dearly Beloved’s job status to be sorted out and it’ll be back on an even keel.


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