Now That’s A Big Door…

Greetings, programme!

(Sorry, Tron: Legacy looms ever closer and I can’t help but slip the odd reference in here and there).

It’s been a fairly hectic few days one way or the other.  So I  present it to you in good old fashioned bullet-point form.  These events take no particular importance or chronology.  I’m just writing about them as they occur to me.

  • Dearly Beloved starts his new job on Monday.  This, of course, has been the overwhelming ‘Thing’ going on in life just now.  The worry that he might have ended up unemployed.  It’s not all good news: it’s less money, but because of the way our finances are slowly righting themselves, we shouldn’t really notice it.  On the plus side, he gets more holiday and access to a bonus scheme – so it’ll all balance out.  Hooray!  He also has a blog on WordPress now, by the way – check out the Cave of the Giant Zrk for many babblings about… well, not a lot, really.
  • I got an iPhone!  Yes, this may make me an emotionless automaton, but I love it.  It enables me to procrastinate far more effectively during my working day.
  • My theory that the Department of Health’s Cancer Waiting Times Division is, in fact, little more than a room full of monkeys banging furiously away on typewriters and calculators came one step closer to being proved.  They have announced, with great glee, their intentions to levy an even heavier fine on Trusts whose patients breach their insanely unattainable targets.  Isn’t that nice? No pressure, then.
  • The Black Library website came back on line!  ALL THE SHINY THINGS!  Print on Demand!  The Book of Blood – which Christian is mocking me about on Facebook.  He’s a meeb.  A meanie meeb.  But one who bakes cheesecake and who is thusly an awesome individual.  But a meanie meeb, nonetheless.
  • In the wake of the return of the website, we had an influx of n00bs at the Bolthole, the little breakaway fora I set up back in September.  This is a double edged sword of ‘ooo, new blood’ and ‘oh.  Whingers’.  A whole bunch of people have arrived just so that they can bitch.  But then… it’s an internet fora filled with opinionated people.  It’s going to happen.  As long as it steers clear of being libellous, then they can whine.  If it crosses that unacceptable line… they’re stamped on.  I love my little forums.  I don’t want a C & D from GW Legal, thanks.
  • I must briefly mention Lord Lucan and how awesome he is.
  • I found time to do a bit of writing tonight.  It’s been a hectic week and it was fantastically satisfying to actually write something.
  • Booked flights to Ireland in June.  I can’t START to tell you how much I’m looking forward to that particular trip.
  • Had Teutonian faction LRP event last weekend.  I think it went well.  I’m still waiting for SOMEONE to find something to whinge about, but thus far it seems to have gone down a storm.  I don’t know what I would have done without Kayleigh these last few months though, she’s an absolute rock.  And I love her.
  • I have to write a wedding speech.  Must get onto that one.
  • My brother-in-law and his wife are expecting twins.  This is awesome beyond belief and will be (although not directly related) my first time at being an auntie!

So… this little list doesn’t really begin to cover how hectic the last week or so has been.  But it’s been a roller coaster.  I’ve come off the other end with a sore throat, insomnia and a desperate craving for Mint Poppets.



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