Blink, and you miss it.

Life, that is.  Nearly a month has gone by since my last update and all sorts of things have been going on around me, to myself, my family, my friends, the country and, by inference, the entire world.  Whilst it would be a foolish thing to attempt to capture every single one of these things, I will rather selfishly focus on the ones most pertinent to me.  Why?  Because this is my blog.  You don’t like it?  Go somewhere else.

On Home Life and Related Stuff

  • So we’ve managed to get Small Son into one of the two secondary schools we preferred, although it’s technically the second choice.  We still have the appeal open for his first choice, but it’s a relief to know that he’s at least going to get to go to a school where he stands a chance of learning more than how to fill in a benefit form.  Small Son is a bright little soul and the local comprehensive would not be good for him.  Would that I had a bajillion pounds, I would invest it in his educational future without a blink.  How disturbingly right-wing of me.
  • This does, of course, throw up a bunch of problems in terms of logistics.  A moment of context, if I may.  Small Son’s father and I divorced… oh, nine years ago now, but on very good terms and with a very sensible, grown-up arrangement regarding access.  Courts were never involved, in fact the only time I saw a solicitor was to get my hour of free advice and when I told her what we were doing, she was all ‘why can’t more people be like you’?  Ex lived, until just before Christmas, five minutes up the road.  He has now moved back into Durham city, which is a 15-20 minute drive.  Our arrangement with Small Son was – and still is at the moment – effectively week on/week off.  I would have him for a week, Ex would have him for a week… and so on.  For nine years we’ve been doing that and it’s always been brilliant.  Now, with Small Son going to secondary school in Durham and me living a fifteen-twenty minute car drive away… things will have to be… uh… rethunk.  But it’s no biggie.  It’ll all work out.  It always does.
  • Dearly Beloved was made redundant, but found a new job before he even finished at the last one.  That caused a moment of panic, followed by immense relief.
  • We need a break, and will be getting one in June when we take a trip to Ireland to see Aaron, Katie and Slurry-cat.  And Steve, of course, who has promised faithfully to drink a bottle of Jack Daniels with me and giggle like an idiot at my worst jokes.  He may not yet be aware of that last bit, don’t tell him.
  • WoW!  I have joined a role playing guild on WoW and I can honestly say that it’s been utterly enjoyable.  Some great people and a LOT of fun times.

On Work Life

  • I’m starting to get increasingly disenchanted with my job.  It’s not even the work, which is busy and engaging pretty much all the time.  No, it’s more about the Cancer Waiting Times Targets and the stupidity there involved.  It just makes me constantly angry that the government-as-was (see: On Politics) constantly banged on about Patient Choice[tm], but when it gets down to it, Patient Choice[tm] comes at a cost to the Trust.  If a patient breaches their cancer targets because – say – they want to go away and have what might be their last holiday with the family, the DoH levies a fine to the Trust.

On Politics

  • So.  After much faffing about and revealing a country that couldn’t make its mind up, we have a new government.  We have the (wittily named) Con-Dem show.  We have Cam and Cleggy.  Dave and Nick. The two interchangeable posh public schoolboys. I’m reasonably ambivalent about the arrangement, but I’m secretly rather glad that Nick Clegg will get a chance to prove whether or not he actually has the balls when it matters.  Unsurprisingly, Labour kept their seat in my constituency (Sedgefield).  The Conservatives came second, but the gap between them remains insurmountable.
  • In theory, the Conservatives will put me out of a job.  They were wittering on about abolishing the cancer waiting times standard.  In practise, this probably means they’ll introduce something else that needs pathway coordinators to capture the data.  Otherwise, how else will they boast?
  • Fucking petrol prices.  Do something about it.  That is all.


  • The event that became known as Notwigan happened.  If I’m brutally honest, I didn’t enjoy it very much.  This, however, was not the fault of the event itself, but rather the mental weather conditions that happened to us whilst we were there.  It was nice when we arrived, then it got cold.  Then it got windy.  Then it rained solidly for about 14 hours.  Then the wind got to gale force.  Then the temperatures dropped to below freezing.  Then, just when we thought we could escape, we got hailed on whilst taking the tents down.  On the positive side, people may now come to see that weather is fucking seasonal, not geographical.  Seriously, some people were saying ‘at least by not going to Wigan we’ll get good weather’.  Asshats.
  • Teneneneneneneneneneneniel/Octavia died!  This is a mixed blessing.  It’s annoying as all hell, because losing a four year character to an elemental storm in the face is faintly irritating.  But… again, being honest, because of Other Things (see: On Writing), I don’t have the time to devote to the plot team and the general madness that is the running of the faction.  I do, of course, wish the new command team the very best.  In the meantime, I’m sloping off to the game team and am now officially a Dirty Splitter.
  • Next event is first week in June.  I’m only looking forward to it because it’s at Barnswood, which is the prettiest site CP use.
  • Am I falling out of love with LRP?  Yes.  I think I am.  The camping situation at Notwigan was soul-destroying.  I almost died of hypothermia on Sunday night (OK, maybe a slight exaggeration, but I was freaking cold, nonetheless) and generally didn’t have a good time other than when I was battle reffing.  I love doing the ref thing.  It’s why I’ve gone to game team.  That, and to annoy Evil Ref.

On Writing

  • As I may have casually mentioned in my last post, the Black Library have bought my first piece of work off me.  All I’m saying at this point in time is that I am very, very busy right now outside of work.
  • VERY busy.

In Summary

  • Life good.
  • LRP mediocre.
  • Cancer Waiting Times targets bad.

5 thoughts on “Blink, and you miss it.

  1. Schafe says:

    I have fantastic timing, I just think “I haven’t checked Pyro’s Blog in ages” and I come to find you posted one today just for me. Keep up the good work.

  2. pyroriffic says:

    Happy to oblige, Schafe.

  3. narry says:

    It’s worse than a Con-Dem show. It’s a Con-Dem Nation. The thing I find so bizarre is, how much more palatable the Prime Ministerial candidates have become after the new majority was declared. Wouldn’t have changed my vote, but I’d’ve felt a little less against the other two sides.

  4. Green River says:

    What is this bilge?

    ‘but it’s a relief to know that he’s at least going to get to go to a school where he stands a chance of learning more than how to fill in a benefit form. Small Son is a bright little soul and the local comprehensive would not be good for him.’

    I’m absolutely shocked that you would say something like this.

  5. pyroriffic says:


    Just as I’m equally shocked at some of the things you’ve said on other threads on other parts of t’interwebs.

    Without being here, without seeing what the situation is like, don’t make assumptions. It makes you no better than your perception of me.

    Everyone is entitled to an opinion, which is why I have approved your comments rather than ignored them.

    As a parent, I want my son to do well for himself with as much support as I can give him. Seeing what other children of this area area grow into on leaving a school with a known drugs problem amongst other things, I have elected to steer him into a decent education.

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