Summer’s here and the time is right…

…well, not for dancing in the street, you’d get thoroughly squished in our street, given where it is (right on the front street of the village with an outrageous throughput of cars, buses, fire trucks and the like).  But you know.  Summer’s arrived, which has meant several days of lovely warmth, which was duly criticised by the British public.  They like to criticise, they do.  It’s a racial thing.

Anyway.  What’s happening chez Sarah?

  • Well, not much, really – was away from last Friday to Monday in Ireland, visiting Aaron, Katie, Steve their housemate and Loken, the world’s pinkest-nosed cat.  It was lovely – really restful and peaceful.  Many hard-core games of Munchkin were played, which brought out Katie and her brothers’ sibling rivalries to the absolute max.  Alcohol was drunk (including the promised Jack Daniels), lovely foods were nommed, films were watched and it was just a really, really nice break.  Poor Aaron is in the midst of deadline hell, so spent a lot of time locked away from the rest of the world whilst we stood outside his closed door and pulled faces.
  • Back at work today.  That sucked majorly.  Then the news that there’s a two-year freeze on public sector pay increases didn’t help much – although it’s not the END of the world: NHS payrises tend to be £500 a year, I’m sure we can somehow cope.  You never know: Dearly Beloved might actually get a better paid job.  You never know.
  • What else is new?  Well, my PC died – not the laptop, but the Dell desktop.  It’s as dead as a can of spam.  It never really recovered from its first major crash and has finally sputtered out again.  As such, I won’t be looking to repair it, but to replace it.  Hopefully with some of the pending income from the writing, that might be feasible. 
  • Speaking of the writing – it’s going pretty well, I think.  I’ll give you more updates on that as-and-when, though.  I’ve had some pretty good conversations with my editor over the past few weeks, anyway, and he’s still talking to me, which I’m taking as a good sign.
  • Wimbledon is on.  It beats the World Cup hands down.
  • I’ve been semi-watching Big Brother (the last one, hooray!) and was almost saddened to realise that they’ve put a half-decent selection in this year, and not ridiculous, over-the-top caricatures as they have done over the last 5 years or so.
  • Still haven’t watched last week’s Doctor Who.  I’ve been very disappointed with this year’s series.

That’s about it for now.  Let’s see what the rest of this week brings.


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