LRP. It’s a funny old game.

Except, of course, that ‘funny’ implies first and foremost that something is amusing. There’s absolutely nothing amusing about the way some people have been behaving over the past couple of weeks.

Over a game, man.

LRP whinging abounds. I’ve kindly put it behind the cut.

I’ve been part of the same faction at a LRP system called Curious Pastimes for about 10 years. In that time, I’ve watched the faction bicker and squabble and generally perpetuate the belief by other players that they’re all a bit rubbish, really. The faction certainly seems to have an over-abundance of whiners and people who pay their money to simply sit around all weekend and not engage in the roleplay element of what they’re doing.

About 4 years ago, I got more heavily involved in the plot writing side of the faction and for a while, things started looking up. With more engaging plot, the faction started joining in. So the plot started to get more complex and involved until a plot that inovlved nearly everyone in the faction went off exactly as planned. Bear in mind that this plot was reactive. It was re-written several times to take player actions into account. It was a good plot.

When it had finished, I got two separate whinges.

1) “It was on rails. It was always going to end the same way.”

Well, no, actually. Right from day one you had the option to kill the NPC in question. You had the option to pick the other side. But you didn’t. You went with the bad guy’s point of view because he offered you something. Fuck you, it wasn’t on rails. You just didn’t engage with the plot hard enough. Is that my fault? No.

2) “It was unsolvable.”


So this was towards the end of last year and was what we loosely call the straw that broke the camel’s back. All through the year, I’d had nothing but people whining at me. Person A would phone me up and bitch about how Person B said something. Then, Person B would ring up and do the same. And all the while, I’m trying to keep this happily neutral stance and be sympathetic to all of them.

By April of this year, I’d had enough. With the lead-up to the first event of the season, and an incoming new Lord General who nobody in the faction seemed to have the decency to support… because he was an outsider… my 2IC position was always going to become available for the next taker. The question was when.

The decision was made for me at the first event of the year. Character death may be annoying as hell, but it solved me a lot of problems. Able to walk away guilt-free, I chose to leave the Vipers and join the game team. Since then, the faction’s dissolved into embarrassing anarchy, that’s culminated in this thread. I’m linking to it because a lot of people don’t understand what I’m talking about when I say how god-awful some of these people are to each other. And, because like the idiots that they are, they’ve decided to air their dirty laundry on a publicly accessible area of the forums…


Anyway, practical upshot is I can’t start to express how delighted I am to be the hell out of it all.

I have better things to stress about now.

Watch this space.


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