Location, Location, Location

Transcription of a very silly conversation between myself and a prominent Black Library author (Him).

Me: Dearly Beloved and I have all sorts of stupid conversations when driving places, but this one was one I thought you should have an input into.“If the Primarchs were all from the UK, where would they be from?” The only ones we could really firm up were:-

Angron – Glasgow. Because of the short, violent ginger connotations.
Sanguinius – Buckinghamshire. Because he’s so posh.
Ferrus Manus
– somewhere in Yorkshire. Probably Sheffield. Because he works in my head with a Yorkshire accent. “Ee, trouble at t’mill, our Fulgrim.”
Jaghati Khan
– East Anglia, where it’s nice and flat for him to ride his bike around. Norwich, maybe.

Him: I think Russ may be a Scouser. Or he’s from Guildford and he has issues.

Me: Ah, Liverpool.  The only place in this country where I’ve had to ask someone speaking my own language to repeat themselves about four times. And now I live near Newcastle where they sound drunk even when they’re not.  From Guildford with issues. You wouldn’t believe how many of my friends that brings to mind…

Him: From Guildford With Issues was actually the title of an Ian Fleming novel that never made the cut. 😉

Me: Note to self:  only open emails from you when I DON’T have mouthful of tea.

Him: I thank you.

Me: (Returning to the subject) Mortarion is from Sellafield.

Him: And Alpharius is twinned with Boulogne.

Me: Fulgrim is from Kensington and Lorgar is from Oxford.

Him: So is Magnus for Glastonbury, Brighton or Milton Keynes?

Me: I think Glastonbury probably works better for him, with all the mystical connotations.

Roboute Guilliman should be from Milton Keynes. In my head he engenders uniform housing estates and endless roundabouts.


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