Ups and Downs

It’s been a week of extremes in the world of Sarah.

Let’s start with the bad stuff, get it out of the way. I mentioned a couple of blog entries back that my boss has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. As such, we’ve all been waiting for the results of her post-excision biopsies with our collective fingers crossed. Unfortunately, tumour markers have come back the wrong side of good news, which means she now has to undergo four cycles of chemotherapy, followed by three weeks radiotherapy and then Herceptin (hormone treatment) as well. The whole package. The works.

It’s harsh.

What’s harder in so many ways is how pragmatic she’s being. You almost feel that it’s too forced, that at some point, it’s all going to crumble and you just don’t want that to happen to anybody. Even some of the people I could happily slap upside the head with a hammer at times, I wouldn’t wish this on.

An interesting semi-aside. There’s been a lot of media coverage regarding the use of the hormone treatment Herceptin and how some women are ‘being denied’ access to it. This is largely incorrect – some women are simply unsuitable for it and it’d do them no good whatsoever. The media should get their facts straight. They neglect to mention that bit.

So that’s one of the lows. And it was a low. I’m very fond of my boss – she’s an amazing lady – and it made me quite miserable to think of her having to undergo all this – right before Christmas her radiotherapy will be finished. How sucktastic is that? But… optimism abounds, and we should have the honour of having her back at work in March of next year.

Similarly, but not exactly the same was sitting in my meeting this afternoon listening to a discussion regarding a young man who came in with brain metastases from a colonic primary. Jesus, he’s 34 years old. I have another woman in my list who’s got pretty much incurable disease and she’s only 28. Is it any wonder I find myself wishing that some people in other areas of my life who whinge about the tiniest of things should really, really learn to acquire a sense of perspective? Yes, I am talking about LRP.

Enough. Enough of the lows.

Let’s talk about the highs.

Let’s specifically direct you to this post on the Bolthole. Look at it.  Look at it!  That’s my name, right there, right in the same list as Dan Abnett, Ben Counter, Anthony Reynolds and John Brunner. MY name! I’m both honoured and terrified. And I’m also hoping it’ll be the first of many.


One thought on “Ups and Downs

  1. best of luck to you for sure. I’m sure you’ll do fine. i’ve read through the extract and it seems great, reads smooth, and such things. you should do well. I’ll see if i can’t get Aaron to put in a good word for me. perhaps i can get involved with this too, that would be righteous.



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