And I Do This Hobby… Why?

I am returned from the land of LRP. Thursday-Monday nights in a tent in a damp, very muddy in places field with a bunch of like-minded people – most of whom are the last remaining appeal for me. This was my tenth Renewal and may very well be my last one for any variety of reasons.

Anyway, as tradition dictates, the good, the bad and the ugly. This is by no means definitive.

The Good

  • People. There are so many people I’m so fond of at LRP. One day, I hope to see many more of them outside of a field and wearing something other than crazy stuff.
  • Battle reffing Sunday’s battle. I was player-faction battle reffing for the Wolves and they were a real pleasure to referee for. They were good, safe players who pretty much all took their hits – and roleplayed taking their hits and who put a lot of effort into staying in-character on the field.
  • The giant. Jack work damned hard on it. At some point, I’m hoping the video someone took of the giant fight will go online so I can link people to it.
  • The Time Out Crab, who is better by far than the Time In Lobster. Clack, clack, clack.
  • The fact that the field and woods dried up enough for people to have good battle conditions Sunday/Monday.
  • The penultimate encounter in the ‘box’ plot which saw poor Ron from the Lions taking no less than eight continuous fear effects in less than about three minutes. He was fantastic and boy, did I laugh hard.
  • The staff party. The new ref naming was particularly entertaining and then the auction afterwards had tears running down my face.
  • Seeing Doug and Emma smile before they left after a particularly hard start to the event. ❤
  • Boob-jiggling with Krissie on the Monday battlefield. Apparently made Shandy’s event…
  • Goose.
  • Jamie having a whale of a time.
  • Gary paying £150 for a laminated signature of one of the more notorious players, all in a good, good cause.

The Bad

  • Battle reffing Monday’s battle. This time I was monster-faction reffing for the Wolves again. They were largely up against the Lions and it was the first time I can remember seeing such awful playing from some of them. So many people conveniently forgetting how many hits they had, or how to use their healing balms correctly… seriously, why do people cheat? Maybe cheating is their win condition.
  • The downpour on Thursday night and subsequent one on Saturday. Man, I got so damp so quickly it was depressing.
  • The staff showers. Cold. COLD. Better than no shower at all, but cold nonetheless.
  • Feeling so out of sorts in general with certain situations and it taking me nearly a day to pluck up the courage to go in through the gates of a faction I’ve been a part of for nearly ten years. I did in the end and there are no bad feelings, it seems.
  • Having to send a player packing from the monster crew on Sunday night after he was openly bragging about how drunk he was. He got properly grumpy for a few moments, then staggered off. And I would have called security if he’d started, too, I was feeling bloody-minded…
  • Tiredness.
  • Coldness.
  • Dampness.

The Ugly

  • My own insecurities and inadequacies that led me to tears on more than one occasion. The incident on Sunday night that actually left me almost sobbing was totally outrageous, especially in light of the misunderstanding it turned out to be, but in many ways made me realise what my real problem with LRP is. And I repeat. My own insecurities and inadequacies.

I shall now politely cut for pontification purposes.

It’s odd when there are plenty of good things to measure out the bad, but the way I felt on Sunday night was truly horrible. I haven’t felt that awful for a long time. Many people said many nice things to me during and afterwards and to them I am very grateful. But I’m still not 100% decided on what next year will bring. If I go back, it will more than likely be as a player. Then it’s a question of which faction. Let’s see:-

Vipers: A note. I’m sorry, but I can’t call them Teutonians any more. We tried that. They just wanted to be Vipers. So Vipers they are. Quite frankly, no. I wouldn’t go back as a player in the faction that have been so horrible to one another for the past few years.

Al Gaia: Not really appealling to me, if I’m honest. Can’t quite put my finger on why.

Mercs: No. Because I want to be in a faction rather than with groups of drifting mercenaries.

Steppe Alliance: No. No gropus within the faction that appeal to me.

Lions: No. Been there, done that, can’t really see myself going back.

This leaves me with a choice of the Fir Cruthen, Wolves or Jhereg. All three of these factions are ones that I am fairly sure I would find plenty of people to have fun with. The FC were the first faction I really played in and I love them dearly – but they still seem to come across externally as the faction that likes getting drunk and not engaging with the game world at large.

The Wolves and the Jhereg are unknown quantities in terms of roleplaying for me, as I’ve not played anything other than NPCs in either. But I both know and like many people in both factions (with some quietly notable exceptions – but I don’t have to play with them, do I?)

Playing would be better for me because it means I get to spend time with people I enjoy instead of having to worry if they’re all having a good time, or if the plot for the event has run, etc., etc.

I shall think on it.


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