It’s the Final Countdown…


Joey Tempest. Now there was some hair.

An aside – about a thousand years ago, I went with some friends to an outside gig at the Milton Keynes bowl. Europe were playing as were Skid Row and someone so bad I can’t remember them and Bon Jovi were headlining. Nobody knew any of Europe’s songs except for ‘The Final Countdown’ and so myself and my friends spent the majority of their set sitting on the grass playing Pass the Pigs. A truly awesome game.

Enough of the aside, back to the point of the post.

Well, Primary Instinct will be hitting the public domain on Sunday at Games Day UK… I have mixed emotions about this. I’m anxious, but mostly I’m dead excited. All those years of wishing someone would validate me as a writer have paid off and there it’ll be in the first issue of Hammer & Bolter, alongside Dan Abnett and Ben Counter amongst others. A fantastic way to start. As an extra, Primary Instinct will also be included in Victories of the Space Marines.

It’s all exciting stuff. I’m very much looking forward to Games Day – there’ll be some awesome people to catch up with.


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