Progress [Gildar Rift Update #1]

Well, I had this sort of crazy idea that I’d do a (probably infrequent) update whenever things were happening during the course of writing Gildar Rift. I figured, why the hell not – it’s an experience I’ve never had before and I know a bunch of people are fascinated by the process. So… well, here’s where I am currently.

Some point last week – I finally finished back-and-forthing my chapter-by-chapter breakdown with my shiny editor and received my commission. Right before Games Day. Now, on his advice, I’d not made a start. So I made the conscious decision to leave starting it properly until the beginning of this week. I’ve set myself a bunch of word count targets – be very interesting to see how they go. Or don’t. But you know. Optimism! My glass? See it? My glass is half full. Of bleach. Or arsenic, maybe.


Of course, I didn’t really listen to my own advice and got most of Chapter 1 down on paper before Games Day.

So… here I am, at the end of official Day 2. Despite the fact there’s only a couple of days left in September, I’ve given myself a 10,000 word target. As of tonight, my current word count sits at a pretty satisfying 8,212. I’ve done all of Chapter 1 and most of Chapter 2 – and so far, it’s reasonably plain sailing. Admittedly, I got to the beginning of Chapter 2 and had a minor flail during which I claimed repeatedly that I couldn’t possibly achieve this. Then I just let my fingers take over and bang – over 3,000 words in Chapter 2 tonight alone.

Am I happy with what I’ve written so far? Well, mostly. But I’ve not yet re-read and edited. It’s far too easy to get hung up in the editing process. One of the things I HAVE decided I need to do is keep track of reasonably critical things like character eye colours, hair styles… that sort of thing. I’m only two chapters in and it’s something that’s already occurred to me.

Chapter 2 has been interesting because it’s very much a ‘building’ chapter, with no action as such. This is weird for me because until now, my experience has been short stories – and the pacing is very, very different. However, I’m not worrying too much about it, if only because I know how much is waiting in Chapter 3. Which I’m looking forward to enormously.

So… so far, so good.

Onwards and upwards, eh?

Stress Level 1-10, where 1 is ‘reasonably chilled’ and 10 is ‘exploding with the pressure’… 2.


2 thoughts on “Progress [Gildar Rift Update #1]

  1. Mossy says:

    I look forward to following this!

    I am entirely confident that you can handle this. Your output on the BL forums, as I recall, was RATHER prodigious. When you had a story between your teeth, we’d get updates and new sections quite a few times a day…and you’d end up with stories as long as anything I’d ever write, in a quarter of the time, with damn good quality to boot.

    Three thumbs up!

  2. Schafe says:

    wasting time time blogging when you could be shoehorning a fighty scene in inappropriately. Are you sure you’ve got this writing thing straight in your head?

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