Progress [Gildar Rift Update #2]

End of September target = 10,000 words.
‘Clocked off’ tonight at     = 10,809 words.

Lawks, and probably a-mercy, but I’m ahead of myself. This is entirely good and has already made me feel a little less pressured.

Chapter Two, that most evil and heinous of wee beasties refused to start and then, after it hauled itself, wheezing from the primordial soup of my fledgling author’s mind, refused to stop when I wanted it to. I’m still not entirely sure that it’s finished, but I found a suitable and appropriate breaking point for it and have breezed cheekily onto Chapter Three.

Didn’t have such a problem with starting that one, though and have to say that I’m almost ridiculously pleased with the opening sentences. I had to turn the light on.

In summary – damn me, it’s going better than I could ever have anticipated, but I’m really looking forward to the first re-read and edit. I’m trying not to let myself get sucked into re-reading as I go along and instead concentrate on telling the story as it tumbles from the churning idea mill inside my head. The words will rearrange themselves properly at a later date.

More than that?

I’m loving every moment of this.


Plus, I’m rewarding my over-achievement with an early night…


3 thoughts on “Progress [Gildar Rift Update #2]

  1. Mossy says:

    Perhaps ADB will cower at you out of jealousy at your promptness, soon, rather than just in a general hazing sort of way… 😉

  2. Schafe says:

    ADB is too cool for deadlines.

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