Progress [Gildar Rift Update #4]

October Word Count Target: 30,000
Current Word Count: 22,137

I think, given the date (10/10/10 – yes, it’s 42 Day!), that I’m definitely on target so far. This is very encouraging and I’m certainly still enjoying myself. So all is good and stuff. I probably could have got a lot more written today if I’m brutally honest, but I got distracted by washing up, laundry and all those other domestic things that suddenly prodded me, full force in the kidneys and bellowed for attention.

And WoW. But that’s WoW.

The other things that have been giving me great encouragement include these:-

Raziel’s Review (quite spoiler-ish in places)
RayeRaye’s Review
Phil’s Review (and ‘Anonymous’s comment is also rather spiffy)

This really helps. I am developing more and more confidence in my ability by the day. It’s really rather lovely in a strange way. The only things right now that would make it better would be for my mum to still be here to see this happening and for me to get a job where I’m not utterly depressed by the end of the working day. Apart from those things, one of which I can do nothing about and the other which I am attempting to rectify, life is about as good as I can ever remember it being.

A Few Other Things That Are Going On:

  • I’ve taken myself off the LRP game team and will go back to playing next year – if I go to any events at all. The amount of stress this has lifted off my shoulders is phenomenal. It would have been unfair of me to stay on the game team given that I can’t commit to all the events. That’s just taking the piss in my  opinion.
  • Small Son has settled into his new secondary comprehensive brilliantly and loves it. He’s got a new network of friends, at least one of whom is in his form and plays Warhammer.
  • My new car ❤ I love my new car! New style Ford Fiesta in a lovely, bright blue colour. It stands out in the crowd.
  • I lost 3lbs in week one of new diet. Still need to get to the gym more, but it’s a definite improvement!
  • Played Enslaved: Odyssey to the West. Brilliant game, if a bit short – am looking forward to the Pigsy DLC though. Seriously pretty visuals. Very easy to play and get the hang of and quite rewarding in that it’s not stupidly complex. The puzzles are fun, the dialogue is good and the story was great. What’s not to like?

So… all in all, everything’s fine.

Until next time…

Rabbit. With a pancake on its head.

This picture still makes me snort tea through my nose.


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