Progress (Gildar Rift Update #6)

October Word Count Target: 30,000
Current Word Count: 35,047

I slowed down a bit this week, but it was entirely intentional. I was always going to go back and do some preliminary editing once I hit the 30k mark and it turned out to be a very good exercise. I won’t be going back again until 60k, but at the rate I’m going that won’t be terribly long. Still enjoying myself immensely: have just hit the up-slope of some pretty hard-core action so am all geared up ready to go for that. Have allowed myself a couple of ‘nights off’ where I didn’t write anything at all other than posts on forums. Did me good, too.

Besides, something entirely wonderful happened this week. ‘Hammer & Bolter‘, the Black Library’s digital magazine, and the place in which my first short story, Primary Instinct is published went onto general release on Friday. I didn’t know this was going to happen: I discovered it via someone’s Facebook update. I ran a gamut of emotions, I can tell you. It’s strange, because although H&B was given out on the BL freebie disc at Games Day, it wasn’t official, somehow. Now it is. It’s out there. And I’ve already gotten some extremely nice feedback. I’m proud of Primary Instinct. Very proud.

Of course, the elation gave way for a short while to deep regret that my mother isn’t alive to see it. DanOrNik (never sure which is which when they Tweet, thus they are an entity) said some very sage, kind things that lifted my heart from its little moment of gloom and my sunny side re-emerged. It’s a big deal. Yes, I’m harping on about it – and rightly so. Best bit of advice I got was another Tweet on Friday following my announcement that H&B was on release. It simply said:

“What you should be doing RIGHT THIS SECOND is tweeting the hell out of that fact. And blogging. And using semaphore. Tell the world!”

Sound advice. I’ve not yet invested in the semaphore flags, but the intention’s there.

So, world – Hammer & Bolter is now available for general download. It’s the first issue and those lovely folk at the Black Library are giving the first issue away for nothing. There’s a cracking line up and some really good stories.

You can snatch yourself a copy here. If you don’t have an eReading device, there is plenty of software for the PC out there which will allow you to read the .epub or .mobi files.

I’ll leave you with the cover.

It’s got my name on and everything.

On the same cover as Dan Abnett. How's that for awesome, eh?


3 thoughts on “Progress (Gildar Rift Update #6)

  1. Phillip says:

    Harp away, Primary Instinct is a great and auspicious start to what will hopefully be a long and procuctive career. Can’t wait for Gildar Rift.

    For The Emperor!

  2. Murray says:

    Congrats, Sarah! I’ve downloaded the mobi version onto my newly-purchased Kindle. Looking forward to reading it.

  3. Schafe says:

    Hammer and what now? can’t say I’ve ever heard of it. or you. Why am I here again?

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