Progress (Gildar Rift Update #7)

October Word Count Target: 30,000
Final October Word Count: 40,080

10,000 over target sets me up nicely for getting to the go-back-and-revise point before I send things into the editor-beast. I’m half-dreading that, I must admit. I’ve already had nightmares about him ripping it to shreds and giving it to Nick Kyme for his rabbit to use as bedding. I’m not under any illusions about it and am being very practical, but I’m happy that I’m still trotting along at a reasonable pace.

That said, this week hasn’t been all sunshine and flowers. I’ve had a pretty crap week at work for one which has pulled my mood so far down that there have been times this week when I could have curled up and cried. This had a knock-on effect with the writing to the point that on Thursday night, I came very, very close to deleting everything I’ve done. Fortunately, Dearly Beloved snapped me out of it and now things are back on track.

This is the deal, I guess, with having to hold down a full-time job – which is, at times, pretty stressful – and trying to do the writer thing in my ‘spare time’.

But still. 40k words of the 40k novel written. Is that auspicious, do you think? The Silver Skulls would think so. Oh, Schafe? At the moment, pending edits, the 40,000th word is ‘lives‘.

In other news…

Hallowe’en was a bit of a non-event as it always is here. We don’t have a circle of friends within easy distance (although there are some in Sunderland – but even that’s about 30 minutes away), so have a tendency to keep ourselves to ourselves. On top of this, Dearly Beloved worked all weekend. So yesterday, Small Son and I passed the time in Durham. We went into a fantastic little pub that’s tucked away and is just generally made of awesome for our lunch. Today we stampeded through the supermarket in 35 minutes and I took him to see Despicable Me because he wanted to know what the fuss regarding the tiny toilet was all about. There was a bit of the Tron: Legacy trailer on (not all of it), and we both did the ‘walking, walking, walking, walking… CUT’ bit from the literal Tron: Legacy YouTube video. Which made us laugh.

I love Small Son, but my GOD he can talk! He witters on endlessly, finding some sort of necessity to fill silences with words. It’s adorable really but it’s not terribly good for the writing mojo. We live in a two-bedroom terrace and I have nowhere quiet I can go to write. The sooner house prices pick up again and we can consider moving out of here to somewhere with a third bedroom, the better. But… well, money’s not exactly in excess around here. We’re just about scraping by as it is. Still… optimism, eh?

Small Son also stopped me from buying Fable III by quite correctly pointing out that not only couldn’t I afford it, but if I were to buy it, I’d be playing that instead of writing. He’s my conscience. Bless him.

I finished Warrior Priest by Darius Hinks this week and have to say that I really rather enjoyed it. I like the warrior priests of Sigmar. They’re like… non-genetically enhanced Astartes of the Old World. It’s like having the Space Marines without the power armour. They’re cool, man. I have Chris Wraight’s Sword of Justice as the next Black Library book my hefty ‘to read’ pile and I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve heard lots of Very Good Things about it. I liked his Empire Army book, Iron Company, which is a good starting point.

In town yesterday, I wanted to buy The Black Lung Captain, the second book in the Ketty Jay Chronicles by Chris Wooding, but despite having seen it last week, it naturally was nowhere to be seen yesterday. Bloody typical. I also still have Altered Carbon by Richard Morgan and The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch to read, so I shouldn’t be whining really.

Anyway, it’s only 11.30pm, but feels like 12.30 still – so I’m  out of here.

Before I sign off, though, it being Samhain and all, I just wanted to remember a few very special people for whom I am just off to light a couple of candles.

Richard Bonnett my beloved grandad, who I’m still convinced to this day is my guardian angel.
Vera Powell my Nana, who I never got to see much until later in her life, but whose monthly letters lit up my childhood.
Patricia Doreen Bonnett my mother, who I still miss every single day of my life and whose absence these past ten years has left a hole that’s never satisfactorily been filled.
Florence Elizabeth Bonnett my Nanny, who I will always remember for saying something about the ‘old lady down the road’. At the time, my Nanny was 80-something and the ‘old lady down the road’ was 68.
Crys O’Regan Unky Crys. Marvo thee Magnificent. My dear, dear friend, who’s been gone almost two years. Never, ever forgotten. What I wouldn’t give for you to be here and sharing the Gildar Rift experience with me.
Jill Bradley not quite gone a year, but the most wonderful woman who sat up all night with me so many years ago when I was discovering heartbreak for the very first time. An inspiration who I will never forget.

To our honoured dead this Samhain… we hold your memories in our hearts, we thank you for the gifts that you have given us. Watch over us, ancestors and friends. Tonight we feel you closer, but you’re always in our mind.

Let’s see what November brings.

3 thoughts on “Progress (Gildar Rift Update #7)

  1. Schafe says:

    Here’s hoping post edit the 40,000th word is something cooler like “kablammo” or “bombastic”

  2. Mossy says:

    Make a back-up copy of the word document and get Dearly Beloved to hide it somewhere in your hard drive that you won’t find under an unassuming name. That way…well, you can save yourself a lot of grief later, I would think, if you did take such a plunge.

  3. @Schafe – you never know. This is Mr. Dunn we’re talking about, after all. I’m after better he’d try to change it to ‘zombie’.

    @Mossy – I think I’m over it now. Note the use of the word ‘think’ in that sentence, though.

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