Progress [Gildar Rift Update # 8]

November Word Count Target: 50,000
Current Word Count: 45,047

I was onto a winner to start with, really. Having never written a full-length novel before, when I sat down and started planning it, I made allowances for the fact that I work full time (I’m contracted for 37.5 hours per week, but haven’t worked less than 42 for the past month). I made allowances for the fact that I need to maintain some sort of ‘normality’ as a mother. I have a certain advantage in that Small Son spends every other week at his dad’s, an arrangement that we’ve always had in place. Every other week, my word count grows exponentially. This is good.

It’s been slow this week really, but that’s OK. I’ve been very busy at what we shall loosely call my ‘real’ job and as a consequence, have been over-tired when I’ve gotten home. I’ve still managed to produce around 5,000 words in the 4 days I’ve given to writing. If I carry on at that pace, I’ve got no worries at all. I predict I’ll finish November at around the 55k mark – but it’s very, very nice to realise that I’ve got ‘slack’. Note to self: just don’t take it for granted!

In terms of Gildar Rift itself… well, I’ve stuck very much to the original chapter-by-chapter breakdown, with the minimal of deviation. I’m actually quite happy with what I’ve produced so far, although I’ve yet to sit down and re-read it as a complete thing. Given the nature of the way the story’s broken down, it’s something that’s imminent; possibly before the end of November. There are many things I’ve thought of ‘after the event’, so when I go back over it, things will change again. But it’s a great process and I’m enjoying it.

I’ve continued to receive mostly positive feedback. There’s been one or two things that I’ve read and, whilst they haven’t been derogatory or unpleasant in any way at all have been surprisingly helpful in giving me things to take on board moving forward. I’m new to this. It’ll come. Like anything, it’s all about practise.

Dearly Beloved, with his encyclopaedic knowledge of the 40K universe has been fabulous. It was him who stopped me deleting the lot last week and it’s been him who’s helped me get over a bit of Writer’s Block this week.

In other news, the very shiny Aaron Dembski-Bowden is now officially a New York Times Best Selling Author, with The First Heretic making a showing at #28 this week. Heartiest congratu-malations to him. He’s been invaluable this last day or two, giving me some pretty sound and awesome advice that I am taking with all seriousness. What’s wrong with this picture? 🙂


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