Progress [Gildar Rift Update #9]

November Word Count Target: 50,000
Current Word Count: 51,000

Yes, I know. See that deliciously perfectly in-your-face-target 1,000 words? Beautifully rounded up and tidy?

Hello, the right side of 50,000 words!

It’s been a good week actually. Chapter nine, which is where I am just now, has been flowing really, really well. There is much going on just now; several threads which I’m keeping tightly hold of, waiting for that fun moment when I get to pull it all taut. At that point, everything will come together like… like… like the cake I baked last weekend. (A strange comment to be sure; but then, I’m the least domesticated person I know and baking is almost anathema to me).

Even work has been an improvement this week apart from one or two things which I won’t go into here. Can’t be doing with the Day Job prodding its nose into my Other Life.

Black Library Live! 2011 tickets went on sale this week too, so that’s all sorted and I’m really looking forward to it. Check out the Twitter feed – #BLLive2011. We went last year (as is evidenced elsewhere in this blog), but so much has changed in 2010. It’s been my year, for sure. But I think – I hope – that 2011 is going to be even better. I’m pretty much resigned to the fact that I’ll be giving up LRP for at least the next year. This is for my own sanity more than anything else. The grief I’ve got from that hobby was lessened exponentially this year and I like not having to feel responsible for pleasing all those people all of the time.

Back to this week: what else? I enjoyed my Guilty Pleasure (Strictly Come Dancing) last night. I can’t tell you why I like watching it, but there it is. There’s something about seeing just how damn hard some of them try – and the output is entertaining at the least and hilarious at the best. I would like to see Anne Widdecombe leave now, because although she really is great entertainment value and deserves much kudos for letting Brucie take the piss every week, the other dancers left deserve a chance to shine in the remaining weeks. I thought she was particularly enjoyable this week performing the foxtrot, because for once, she actually seemed to be dancing rather than just letting Anton drag her round. Scott Maslen’s jive was by far the highlight of last night, though. Nicely done. I want Pamela Stephenson to win, though. I just like the woman, OK?

Spent much of yesterday in town with Small Son. New manager of GW Durham is a nice guy and I had some great conversations with him whilst he oversaw the antics of a shop filled with slightly hyperactive teenagers who are still a pleasant (if pungent at times) bunch. Spent an inordinate amount of cash on, variously, the Imperial Armour Badab War book, the new Dark Eldar codex and Insignium Astartes. #itcountsasresearch

Dragged Dearly Beloved into the Twitter age. He finally had enough of Facebook and certain people on it. I think less said about that, the better.

Had a good conversation with the Illustrious Mr. Dunn yesterday regarding current and possible future projects. It was a good conversation. No, it was an excellent conversation. I am Very Excited Indeed.

And now… back to it!

In the meantime, here is an amusing rabbit.




2 thoughts on “Progress [Gildar Rift Update #9]

  1. Raye Raye says:

    GOOD GRIEF. That is most certainly A Rabbit.

  2. Mick says:

    Nonsense. It’s clearly a tribble.

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