Progress [Gildar Rift Update #11]

November Target: 50,000 words
Current Word Count: 61,031 words

Yeah, I am pleased with myself. I’ve actually backed up now and am beginning the potentially terrifying task of Operation First Read Through and Edit. I’ve reached a suitable break in the story where I can do this without breaking from the flow too much. It was going to be needed eventually and I’m just pleased that I’m at that stage – what, three weeks ahead of my deadline? Yep. Am pleased. So the word count will be static for a bit, give or take addition/subtractions of editing.

Other than the writing, this week was going OK until the snow hit. Seriously, our local council have no clue. It’s almost as though they see the snow out the window three days after it’s fallen and say ‘what the hell? Nobody told us it was going to snow!’ The roads in and out of the village I live in are treacherous: we live quite high up, but still in a dip – there are hills either side of us (not steep) – but both of these are absolutely impassable unless you have a four by four or pram wheels for tyres. Insane. It’s a fething bus route – you’d think they’d have done something about that. Poor Dearly Beloved was out there for hours this morning trying to get a bus to go to work. He failed, as did his assistant manager. Thus, the shop didn’t open at all today.

A great example of local authorities causing more problems for independent businesses, bless them.

As a result, my Plan To Go And Buy Some Clothes went down the tubes this weekend and I’ve stayed indoors, doing some writing, playing WoW (I’m loving the broken world very, very much) and just generally chilling.

It’s December next week. December 10th will see the 10th anniversary of my mother’s death. This makes me very sad, because not a day goes past when I don’t miss her horribly. Expect the annual ‘letter to Mum’ – I do one every year. It’s also the day that our Christmas decorations go up. I have a mince pie and a glass of mulled wine and I think about her. She loved Christmas and always made it special for my brother and I when we were growing up. She’d have loved spoiling Small Son.

Anyway, enough maudlin behaviour – I’m cooking sausages roasted with onions, apple and sage, drizzled with wholegrain mustard and maple syrup. It sounds amazing, it smells amazing and I’m hoping it’ll taste amazing! I’ve been quite creative with food this week, I enjoy cooking. Made chocolate chip muffins yesterday. They have now all gone. Hooray!

Anyway, onwards and upwards! The Ultramarines movie is due for launch tomorrow… looking forward to that dropping on to the door mat.


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