I Forgot…

…to add the amusing picture!

First half of Gildar Rift is now in the hands of the editor-beast. Onwards and upwards!

Meanwhile, here is a picture of a cow with its head stuck in a toy car. No, really.

Seriously, the expression on the other one’s face. I want amusing captions from you, my beloved reader(s, just in case). Humour me, It’s my birthday in 11 days time.


No, really.

Can I Offer You a Lift?

8 thoughts on “I Forgot…

  1. Phillip says:

    Mad Cow Disease, it’s just tragic. It’s so much harder on loved ones.

  2. narry says:

    “Cow meets Steer.”

  3. Jonathan says:

    “I think I see the problem, they put the leather seats in a bit early”.

  4. narry says:

    I can fly! I’m a milk float!

  5. narry says:

    *adds the appropriate accent*

    I’m the Milk Cab Arrr Kid!

  6. Jonathan says:

    “That’s the wrong colour, Daisy. Eveyrone knows that the red ones go faster”.

  7. Raye Raye says:

    I told you you should have got a four seater.

  8. Schafe says:

    Meet Mary she always dreamt of being a car, so to thank her for all the natural milk goodness she provides to Muller Fruit Corners and because she’s a cow and quite stupid we put a toy car over her head.

    Thank You Stupid Cows.

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