Welcome to the Teens!

Here we are in 2011. In another nine years, we can say we’re in the twenties. Will everyone be expected to dance the Charleston/wear flapper girl dresses/suits/be gangsters etc., etc., I wonder?


So. Christmas and New Year is all over for another year. Done and dusted. It was most pleasant from my point of view; enjoyed a very quiet festive period with Dearly Beloved and Small Son, which is all I really ever wanted. The little guy certainly seemed to enjoy himself and at the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about. Seeing the face of the people you love light up when they open the sensible and/or silly gifts that you’ve got for them. For myself, there was a veritable tonnage of new books to read. Exactly when I’m going to read them, I’m not sure, but they’ll get read eventually.

Thoroughly enjoyed the Christmas Doctor Who. I like Matt Smith very much and was glad that the special was more a vehicle for him than for Amy. I have nothing against her particularly, she’s a perfectly adequate companion. I just found myself disappointed by the series this year as it seemed to be far too much Amy and not enough Doctor. Looking forward to the new one.

New Year was equally quiet – just myself and Dearly Beloved. We were being silly and playing cheesy 80’s music off YouTube until the chimes of Big Ben interrupted. Then we watched Father Ted for a while before retreating to bed. Woke up without a hangover which is a definite bonus.

2011. Personal goals are being set, optimism is high. Gildar Rift is listed for release in December. Primary Instinct is going into the anthology Victories of the Space Marines which comes out in April. There’s more potential stuff on the cards. Black Library Live! 2011 is in early March, we have a wedding to go to in July… there are no LRP pressures on me this year at all. In fact, if I so desire, I don’t even need to go to an event if I don’t want to. As it stands, we’re only considering two out of the four main CP events as it is: the June one in Leek (because the site is gorgeous) and possibly Renewal. Can’t do the first event due to the dates and Bristol is just too far now.

So really speaking, all is good. All is, in fact, great.

I hope 2011 is good to all of you.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Teens!

  1. narked says:

    Happy new year to you and family! Glad you had a good Christmas and new year, at least we’re now in the year that Gildar Rift is due!

  2. Green River says:

    Here’s a nice bit of pedantry that comes in useful at least twice in every ten years: the ‘new decade’ begins in 2011, as we count decades from ‘1’ to ’10’ and not ‘0’ to ‘9’. It’s also a good excuse to compare the media to excitable children around the annual turkey holocaust for opening their presents too soon.

    Anyway, hope you have a momentous year, Pyro and I hope that you keep up your absolutely stonking pace on Gildar’s Rift!

    Remember that this will be your year, big style. 🙂

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