Normality Is Restored…

…anything you still can’t cope with is therefore your own problem.

</gratuitous HHGTTG quote>

Well, that’s it. The Christmas break well and truly over and done with. Back to the slog, back to the future, back to life, back to reality… Next week will be the first full week since before Christmas, which will feel just plain weird. The knowledge that I’ve only got three weeks until another week off is somewhat comforting, though. Hooray for having to use up annual leave. Have a trip Down South to see Dearly Beloved’s parental units planned, plus buying lunch for someone I owe lunch to as well, which will be most splendid. Our plan to then go over to Ireland for a few days fell through, which is really sad – but we’ll be back there during the year. So yay!

After a thousand years of having it in the house, I’m finally indulging in a Babylon 5-a-thon. (Babython, maybe?) It’s one of those shows that I only ever caught the odd episode of here and there, but which I always promised myself I would sit down and watch. Well, the last 24 hours have seen us get pretty much all the way through the first season and I’m loving it. The acting is dreadful for the most part, the special effects (barring the prosthetics and creatures, which are superb) are actually unimportant – but the writing is great, even quite intricate in places. Love the parallels between the Psi-corps and sanctioned psykers.

Of course, I’m sitting here watching B5 whilst I should really be writing. But, you know. I’m still ahead of my target for January, so I figured I can afford to slack off a bit. I happily rolled over the 82,000 word mark earlier this week, so I feel quietly confident that I’ll hit the planned 85k for January. I already upped the target from 75k, I may yet up it to 90k. Once I’m passed 85,000, Gildar Rift will become the single longest thing I’ve ever written by myself.

So… the work – home – writing cycle resumes. I’ve kept pretty faithfully to my planned average 1,000 words a day and I’m pretty proud of that fact. My final deadline is the end of March, so I’d say ask me wagain how calm I am at the beginning of that month. Although of course, the beginning of that month will also see the fun that promises to be this year’s Black Library Live…

Right. Off to watch the Eldar Minbari do some sort of ritual or other…


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