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Sunday again. Almost February, in fact. Just by way of an update, my writing target for January was originally 75,000. After being so far ahead of myself, I upped this to 85,000. For what it may be worth, I’ve broken both those targets. Go, me.

Today, however, I’m struggling to find my writing mojo. This is in part down to the fact that I think I have the early onset of a cold or something; I’m headachey and generally under the weather and want nothing so much as to curl up in a corner and whimper pathetically. The last thing I want to be doing is writing, and yet, here I am. Blogging. Although to be fair, I’m doing this from the laptop, which at least allows me to BE curled uup in a corner. I’m sure I’ll feel better as the day wears on and will do SOMETHING a little later.

Work has continued to be frustrating and very busy; I am keeping my eyes open for an alternative, but the majority of jobs I could do easily I’m excluded for on the grounds that I don’t have a degree. This is a subject I’ve ranted about before on many occasions so won’t even go there except to say ‘bah’.

Life has largely become a constant cycle of work-home-write-bed-sleep (sometimes)-work which isn’t so very bad in itself, but during this process, I’ve allowed very little ‘me’ time. So we’ve been out not once, but twice this week. Thursday to some friends where they cooked for us and provided a night of brilliant entertainment and then again yesterday, where we sat for pretty much the entire day in a pub with a couple of the people from the guild I’m in on WoW. My word, we laughed. A lot. Laughter is great. In the words of Uncle Albert, I love to laugh.

There’s a woman on TV at the moment cooking steaks. And my goodness, they look amazing. Oh, no, she’s adding wine and shallots and mushrooms. Now I’m drooling. WANT!

I have fish for dinner. This feels inferior.

On the subject of food, I’ve lost half a stone over the past couple of weeks. This has been entirely intentional and I’m very pleased. Like everyone, when dieting, you just want to lose a million pounds in a day, so slow progress can sometimes feel a little frustrating. I know enough though to remember that slow and steady is far better than massive losses at the start, which you then only go and put back on again.

A comment passed by someone yesterday left me feeling rather pissed off at them. It was one of those comments that was probably made without thinking and I’m fairly sure wasn’t meant maliciously. However, it was regarding a subject which – quite frankly – they neither know anything about, nor have the comparative experience to draw on to make such comments. I’m not so annoyed about it now and am less pissed off  – but may be less inclined to hold my tongue if it happened again. There are some things that really will push my buttons and make me angry, and where my son is concerned… well, my advice is not to go there.

So apart from this… all in all, life is just bimbling along nicely at the moment. I have quite a lot of writing to get done before Gildar Rift is complete, but I’m very happy with the way it’s going. Here’s hoping that the readership enjoys it, too!

Now, tea, self-pity and Space Marines…


3 thoughts on “[Insert Relevant Blog Title Here]

  1. Curis says:

    Phew! you narrowly avoided telling the entire Internet what pushes your button and grinds your gears. That would be a bigger mistake than the time Superman went on the radio to tell everyone his weakness was Kryptonite.

  2. Heh. Well, I’m pretty sure any parent has buttons when it comes to their kids!

  3. RayeRaye says:

    Hope you’re feeling better!! I suggest tea and slippers.

    I watched Logan’s Run yesterday and thought of you.

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