Week Off Work!

I have a week off work.

I like words, as may be gleaned from the fact that I’m presently engaged in writing a novel – but I like those three words in that particular configuration. Let’s look at them again, shall we?

Week. Off. Work.



As you can tell, this makes me happy beyond happy. Bizarrely, it’s not so very long since I was off over Christmas, but this one actually feels like a proper week off work. (There they are again, the cheeky little things). We have not that much planned for the week; visiting inlaws, visiting friends and hopefully reaching – and breaking – the 100k mark. I’m quite excited by that prospect. Them’s a lot of words.

My deadline for finishing the first draft of The Gildar Rift is rapidly approaching and the original panic about how far away the story felt from being finished has now been swept away in the rushing tide of terror that it’s rubbish. I’m reliably informed that this is ‘last quarter of novel’ syndrome and is entirely normal. I’m not convinced this helps, but it’s nice to know I’m not alone.

I suspect that it’s going to be nose right up to the grindstone between now and March. I very much want to get my first draft finished well ahead of the deadline so that I can edit it properly before I send it to the editor-beast for his comments. At the moment, I’m quietly proud of it, but that pride is definitely edged with anxiety.

It’s still a pretty exciting ride, though. I’m enjoying it no end.

Right, that’s your quick update out the way, off to be sociable with the in-laws.



3 thoughts on “Week Off Work!

  1. Phillip says:

    What a great post, I experienced many a LOL. I’m up to my neck writing a paper with my deadline just over a week away. I can therefore safely comiserate with your own deadline challenge even though our respective wordcounts are just the teensiest bit different 🙂

    Enjoy your week off (there they are yet again), us mere mortals are really looking forward to Gildar Rift.

  2. narked says:

    They are indeed 3 very, very, VERY lovely words Sarah. Today is day 1 of over a week off for myself! Enjoying a nice brew, watching the news, making sure got everything packed ready to head to town to jump on a train to Manchester. Then off to Wales for 2 nights to visit a previous life.

    Don’t waste your week off (ie by doing silly stuff like housework!), make the most of it! And make sure you get loads done on Gildar Rift! I’m doing my bit by furiously working my way through reading my book backlog, so therefore have the right to demand an awesome novel from yourself!

  3. Curis says:

    Woohoo! I guess that means you’ll be largely absent from your loyal tweeps as you get your head down and plough on with knocking out your awesome debut.

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