A Hunnerd Faaaarsand

A quick note, for posterity.

Today, I penned (typed) my 100,000th word on The Gildar Rift. This was a moment. It was a massive milestone for me for many, many reasons – not least of which is the simple fact that TGR is definitely well on the way to being completed for first draft. I have yet to re-read and start editing, but look at it. Look at all those words! And I wrote them!

Anyway, I shall now stop with the word count updates. Nothing will be as good as 100,000 until the moment I write the words ‘The End’. Watch out for that.

These past few days have been wonderful. We were down at Dearly Beloved’s folks in Essex for a couple of days, then we shifted over to Kent to see other friends, then came home on Wednesday via BL Towers, where I was pointed and laughed at by my editor for various reasons. I was also nursing a rather delicate hangover. That may have been one of the reasons he laughed at me. The other is that he’s just a big meanie.

But today was good. I wrote about 3,500 words in between bimbling about and enjoying my day off. I went to the local UPS to pick up a parcel from BL Towers that made me grin like a loon, I generally chilled out with the guildies on WoW and enjoyed my penultimate day off work (not counting the weekend).

All is very, very well with the world. If it weren’t for the gale force winds blowing outside, all would be very, VERY well with the world.

So to compensate, here, just for Shakespeare to enjoy, is an amusing rabbit.

An amusing rabbit.

Because rabbits are FUNNY, OK?


One thought on “A Hunnerd Faaaarsand

  1. Eric Swett says:

    100,000 is definitely an awesome milestone! Congratulations on hitting it!

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