I’ll Have Some of That

I’ve been dying to share this with you guys.

The cover art for The Gildar Rift as painted by Jon Sullivan.

The Gildar Rift: Painted by Jon Sullivan


As I’m sure you can imagine, I’m absolutely blown to smithereens by it. Of course, I’d love to say that it’s all down to the copious emails I exchanged with the lovely Mr. Sullivan at ridiculous hours of the morning when we were both Being Creative, but that would be a whopping lie. Jon’s amazing. Utterly captured everything I talked to him about.

I have an ever bigger happy than yesterday’s.



5 thoughts on “I’ll Have Some of That

  1. DarkChaplain says:

    I innerly cheered when I read your name on the cover, even more than when I read it in the ‘coming soon’ section of the BL.

    ..though I won’t be able to fully comprehend how rewarding it must feel to see your work getting such an amazing piece of art to represent it.

    (And, in all honesty, its the first Space Marine Battles-novel I am really excited about. Not only because it features the Tyrant of Badab slaying Loyalists…)

  2. David Earle says:

    That is one beautiful piece of art! You are a lucky author indeed.

    But… damn. The Silver Skulls aren’t going to have an easy time of it, are they?

  3. Kayvaan Shrike says:

    Hey, really excited about your upcoming space marine battles novel. However, dont really know much about this action? Could you give us like a brief summary of the events leading up to your book?

    • I certainly can.

      The entire premise for the book comes from this excerpt from the Space Marines Codex:

      “The Silver Skulls Chapter fleet destroys a Red Corsair strike force comprising several Executor-class grand cruisers. The surviving renegades make planetfall on several worlds in the Gildar system, but the Silver Skulls are not to be thwarted so easily. In a matter of weeks, the Gildar system is declared free of the Red Corsairs’ influence.”


  4. Nick says:

    That is a fantastic piece of artwork – you must be very proud to have it made *specifically* for your novel!

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