Gildar Rift – Progress Update… and Other Animals

First off, in response to a number of messages I’ve received, thank you for asking… and here is a fledgeling Coming Soon summary:-

March 2011 Hammer & Bolter Issue 5 – Includes short story Action and Consequence. See here.

April 2011Victories of the Space Marines – Includes short story Primary Instinct. See here.

December 2011 – The Gildar Rift. See here.

Also, a warm, but tentative welcome to people who my stats monitor inform me have been linked here from an assortment of W40k fora. Pull up a beanbag. Slouch about with the rest of us. Just remember to put your rubbish in the bin as you arrive and before you leave. Help yourself to the fridge and the Haribo, but save me the fizzy cherry things if you don’t mind.

Well, I reckon I’m actually within about a week to ten days of having the first draft of this baby finished. There’s something both exhilarating and terrifying about that. Exhilarating because, you know. A novel written in four months around a full time job and full time parenting isn’t bad going. I have great pride in that. I’ve definitely been enjoying the story as it has unfolded. That probably sounds a bit odd, but despite having a chapter by chapter breakdown and an overall plan, I had no idea how the incidentals would turn out.

Another thing that was great fun was an earlier scene that I really needed to plan out with some mechanical precision. This was achieved, not in a sensible way like Gav Thorpe’s Post It Note system, or with the use of a whiteboard. No. This was achieved by utilising random items on Dearly Beloved’s computer desk.

“This stapler… is this battle barge. And that computer mouse? Yeah, that’s the planet. And this toy plastic weapon from some random action figure is…”

It involved moving said items around the desk and saying ‘this goes here, that goes there, then this does that, that does this…’ It was all very, very silly. But effective, nonetheless. I heard tell from People In The Know that once upon a time, Marvel comics writers used to throw themselves around the office when trying to pitch stories. I bet that was something worth seeing.

I digress. It’s my blog, it’s my prerogative.

So yes, I’m almost done on the first draft. Then comes the undoubted joy of re-reading everything from the beginning and making appropriate changes, adding stuff, taking it out, sulking, grinning…

It’s all been a wild rollercoaster ride. I’m still loving it and have definitely settled into my stride as I’ve gone along. I’ve also learned that it doesn’t matter how good something might be, there are going to be people who don’t like it. This is true of even the most successful of the Black Library authors and I think that’s helped me put things into perspective and develop something of a thicker skin.

I’m now just writing a story that I hope is engaging, exciting and enjoyable… and any other words that begin with the letter ‘e’. Not elephantine though, that would be silly.

Right. There’s a novel demanding my attention… not to mention Small Son and his need for more birthday cake. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Gildar Rift – Progress Update… and Other Animals

  1. DarkChaplain says:

    Good read, you know how to make me chuckle~

    Hope the cake was good (and not a lie)!

  2. Ant Reynolds says:

    It’s always a great feeling when the end of a first draft is in sight, especially when that book is your first! Definitely something to be proud of.

    Nice work, Sarah!

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