Black Library Live! 2011

That was the weekend that was. And it was fun. A LOT of fun.

A brief summary now follows.


Got out of bed at a not-unreasonable hour and drove down to Nottingham. This was completely uneventful. Which suits me fine. We arrived at around 11.30, parked up and trundled upstairs to the WHW gaming hall. There was Raye and Harraye (as he must now be called), their friend Paddy, Narry (it’s getting a bit poetic here) and Squiggle, who breaks up the rhyming nicely. Hugs and greetings were had. Ben and Jamie readied their armies and got down to it.

Sub-Adventure #1 – Sarah and Katie Find The Station!

Found Katie. Decided to go pick Emma up from the railway station. Didn’t know where railway station was. Asked man behind bar where railway station was.  He told me where railway station was. Realised he thought I wanted to get to railway station by walking. Explained didn’t. He told me where railway station was by car. Got in car with Katie. Drove round and round and round. For good measure, we drove round some more. EVENTUALLY found way into station, then overshot it. Had to then drive round and round and round some more before getting back to where we’d started and finally getting Emma safely back to WHW.

Other Boltholers including Schafe and Phoenix and Xisor and… and… a BILLION OTHERS turned up. Food was eaten. Laughter circuits were engaged. At 3pm, took car back to hotel and checked in. Went back to Bugman’s. Drank copious quantities of alcohol, ate my Blood Angels Raye-cake, had an exceptionally amazing evening. Went back to hotel. Fell asleep, incredibly happy.

Saturday, Remembered as Memory-bites

Woke outrageously early… no hangover! HUZZAH! BLL! 2011 day! (Remember that exclamation mark IT’S IMPORTANT!) Finally made mind up what we wanted to do. So much, so little time. Wandered in, deposited vast quantity of cheese on Christian’s lap. “Cheese for the cheese god.” Went upstairs. Snaffled pre-release goodies. Parted with obscene amounts of cash. Went to first seminar, ‘Writing for BL’. Exchanged quantity of amusing Tweets with Tim Kenyon relating to domesticated Space Marines ironing their purity seals. Stayed for ‘Audio’ conversation, which was brilliant. James Swallow ridiculously engaging man, far more than he has any right to be. Stayed AGAIN for ‘Space Marines’ discussion. James + Nick = much amusement.

Was hungry. Went to Bugmans. Ate food. Missed Horus Heresy panel due to busy nature of day.

Wandered, had many conversations, went to ‘New Stuff’ seminar. Christian/Nick/Darius combo v. amusing also. They mentioned my next project, which is called Accursed Eternity and is one of four linked Space Marines Battles Novella based around the Eye of Terror… felt proud of self for having a Next Project.

Was asked to sign many things. Felt proud of self for having written stuff.

Enjoyed watching the Boltholers having a great time. Felt proud of self for having created the Bolthole in the first place.

People started leaving, we started staying. Was not drinking alcohol in this instance, but still had whale of time and many silly conversations. And much cheese, including the stuff that Aaron re-named ‘bumcheese’. Although didn’t eat bumcheese, was too afraid. Sage Derby re-named ‘Warpstone Cheese’. Think was responsible for spontaneous allergy rash. Christian lost the cake.

Silly Christian.

Eventually went back to hotel and slept.

Felt proud of self.


Bowled back up at Bugmans at around 10.30 and read entirety of Blood Reaver before 1pm. Splendid stuff. Drank coffee, then drove home.

Too many people to thank, but special, specials to Katie, Emma, RayeRaye, Squiggle, Narry, Schafe, Tyrant, Phoenix, Xisor, Eruaniononononono, George, Kal…. oh God… everyone I’ve forgotten, but didn’t mean to. To all the BL staffers and authors… YAY! Thank you!


5 thoughts on “Black Library Live! 2011

  1. RayeRaye says:

    It was wonderful, and you, by extension, are wonderful too.

  2. Phoenix says:

    It was wonderful, Raye. And the red-haired singularity is correct, you are too Sarah!

  3. narry says:

    I luff you miss Sarah. It was an ossum weekend.

  4. willhowers says:

    yeah, it was rather good, wasnt it!!

  5. Schafe says:

    This blog is a perfect example of nostalgia making stuff seem less terrible than it was and fooling folk into thinking stuff was actually good when the opposite is the truth.

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