Today, I…

…did stuff.

Today, I sent in the complete manuscript for The Gildar Rift. This was relatively monumental, because that book has been my entire life for the past four months. I have breathed it in, dreamed about it and poured my heart and soul into it. When it reached a stage last night where I was fretting about the font size/justification/pagination, I realised the time had come to stop arseing about and just send the dratted thing to my editor. It was turned in three weeks ahead of schedule. I actually finished it properly maybe two weeks ago.

I don’t know if I was just anxious about letting it go, or what. I think I went through this ‘I want it to be as good as I possibly make it’ thing. I think, for my first novel, I’ve turned in a relatively professional document. Now I have to wait. Without hyperventilating. At least I have the next project to work on. More of this shortly.

Today, I finished work early in order to drive down to my dad’s. I have a funeral to attend tomorrow and it was a case of either drive down after work and get here at about midnight, or leave super-early tomorrow morning… or take half a day’s holiday. That was eminently preferable, not least of all because it gave me the chance to drop into BL Towers on the way. It broke the journey up nicely, I got to have a nice conversation with Christian about The Gildar Rift and the next project(s). More of this shortly.

Whilst at BL Towers, I also had the pleasure of finally seeing the CAKE OF AWESOME that the guys from the Bolthole had arranged for me. This cake ended up in what has become known as the Wrong Fridge [tm] and the BL Staffers were trying to hog it all for themselves. But they kept it intact for my passing visit. It really was amazing, too.


Huron Cakeheart

Huron Blackheart will do ANYTHING for cake.



So I cut into it and it was like, SUDDENLY: DARIUS. Seriously, Darius Hinks just appeared by my elbow with the most fetching puppy-dog eye expression that just shouted ‘I NEED CAKE, I CAN’T SURVIVE WITHOUT IT’. So he got the first slice. As transporting a cake that was roughly the size of Ireland home was a bit impractical, I then donated the cake to the BL team. I sincerely suspect that the moment I left, they descended on it like a swarm of locusts, biblical style. All that would have been left was the ribbon.

Went back into Bugman’s for a last drink before I drove the rest of the way south and tried to make a David Attenborough-style documentary featuring Graham McNeill as the subject. He was sitting behind us, through the leaves of a pot plant. I think I startled him.

Today, I started planning out my next Black Library project. For those of you not lucky enough to have been at BLL! this past weekend, this is a Space Marines Battles novella called Accursed Eternity and features, in no particular order, Blood Swords, Star Dragons, an Inquisitor and Many Gribbly Things.

There are several other things in the pipeline as well. I really don’t think that I will be short of stuff to write about for a while.

Today, I had a good day.



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