Besame Mucho

Sad thing first. In terms of bad stuff, this made me very sad. I saw him play about 12 years ago and thought that he was outstanding. A real loss to the music world.

I managed a full week at work and didn’t kill anybody. I came close yesterday when I was perhaps unnecessarily snappish at one of the consultants. I was irritated, though. Seriously. Let me just scene-set for you:-

Every Thursday, I have to coordinate a meeting. This meeting is pencilled in to start at 2pm and finish at 4pm. Sometimes we’re done quickly, other times, we have a lot of patients to discuss and we run over. Yesterday, there were 30 patients to discuss on the list. This might not sound like a lot, but when you technically have 2 hours, that’s not a lot of time per patient. The list was sent out on Tuesday and again on Wednesday with updates so everyone who comes along knew that it was a big list. The consultant surgeons actually made a concerted effort to get there on time. But we couldn’t start the meeting without the pathologist.

Who breezed in at 2.15pm.

And it was 2.35pm before we’d even finished the FIRST PATIENT!

Consequently, the meeting didn’t finish until 5pm. At which point I still have at least another hour’s work afterwards, whilst everyone else in attendance at the meeting is free to go do whatever it is that they do. It’s seriously like herding cats. So I was ratty. And I snapped at one of them. I don’t think he really noticed, but I apologised anyway. I’m polite like that. Plus, he’s lovely.

In happier news, the Second Job is utterly brilliant fun. I had a long conversation with my editor earlier this evening with feedback for The Gildar Rift. There are a few edits and changes, but for the most part, it got a thumbs-up. I was chuffed to bits about this, I can tell you. I also completed Another Project [tm] which was emailed off today and once the edits for TGR are done, I can get back to Accursed Eternity.

It’s going well. I’ve seen a couple of reviews for Primary Instinct now that Victories of the Space Marines is out in the wild and that’s been nice, too. I might well crack up at the moment if I couldn’t vent my spleen on innocent Adeptus Astartes.

Anyway, nice reviews.

Bane of Kings over at Founding Fields had this to say and;

The very lovely Mr. Maxwell singled PI out for its own interview.

So the good stuff balances out the bad… yet again.


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