Spring Has Sprung

Boring general life blog entry.

There’s buds on the trees, there’s flowers poking their heads out, we somehow lost an hour’s sleep… yes. Spring has arrived. This is Most Excellent and I approve wholeheartedly.

I had a very nice weekend. Went down to my friends in Leeds where a very pleasant evening of giggling in an immature fashion at a variety of things (‘it’s funny because it’s about sex’) and drinking not enough to give myself a hangover ensued. Many of those present were LRP buddies and it’s with some relief that I didn’t feel ostracised for my OOOH CONTROVERSIAL decision not to go back to LRP this year. I got home on Sunday full of the best intentions to write some Accursed Eternity, but then proceeded to stare at the laptop like a zombie for the day.

The good bits were balanced out by the bad: there’s a leak in a water pipe under the concrete of our extension. The GOOD news (sort of) is that as long as the plumber can confirm that it’s due to freezing damage (most likely anyway), our house insurance should cover it. The BAD news is that we have a leak in a water pipe under the concrete of our extension. This is just flipping irritating. We have had to do quite a lot of work to this house since we moved in seven years ago. I’m hoping to move out of it this year or next. Plans are Afoot.

Work is insanely busy. Busy is good though; it makes the day go faster for sure.

Writing has been slow… for me, anyway. This isn’t too much of a problem in the grand scheme of things. I got the second draft of The Gildar Rift back to my editor towards the end of last week and it sort of overwrote Accursed Eternity, which went all the way to the back burner. I’ve just been having a problem pulling it back again. I know it’ll come and I’m not forcing it. I’m contenting myself in the knowledge that the original deadline for TGR is this Thursday. I can sort Accursed Eternity. No worries. Mate.

Victories of the Space Marines is out in the wilds now. The majority of feedback I’ve been getting is pretty good. There’s been one comment made that left me scratching my head because I can’t find a justification for it. However, each to their own and all that and for a single bad comment versus several pretty good ones? Yeah, I am a duck. This is my back. See the water? Watch it slide, yo.

Small Son is back tonight from his dad’s, I am looking forward to that. I’ve missed him loads this past week. He’s doing food tech at school so sent me a random shopping list earlier. But he’s making a fruit crumble tomorrow, so it won’t all be in vain. He likes cooking; he cooks a mean steak, I can tell you.

Today’s Ninjabread made me giggle, but then Curis’s slightly sardonic sense of humour appeals to my own.

All in all… stuff is ticking over nicely. Week off at the end of April which will largely involve cleaning out the house and straightening it up with a view to it going on the market.

But it’s in pleasant spring weather. So that’s nice.


4 thoughts on “Spring Has Sprung

  1. AJ says:

    If you don’t mind me asking… what is Accursed Eternity about?

  2. AJ says:

    Oh and the link you posted leads to an error page on the NHS site.

  3. I ditched the link. The NHS is rubbish.

    ‘Accursed Eternity’ is one in a series of four Space Marines Battles series novellas that are all interlinked and set in and around the Eye of Terror.

    It features, in no particular order, Star Dragons, Blood Swords, daemon ships and Gribbly Death.

  4. AJ says:

    Oooh… Blood Swords… that should be interesting… always wanted some more material on them after reading about Lord Daggan in Red Fury. Only a kickass chapter would have a Dreadnought as a chapter master 🙂

    The one with Daemon ships should be the same… there was some discussion on warseer a while back, something about why Ka’Bandha needed a fleet to get to the Baal system when he can just pop in anywhere with a warp tear in the system.

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