Cracking Up.

No, not me, although it’d not take a lot at the moment.

Here’s the leaky culprit who’s caused all the grief:


Hello. My name is Inigo Pipetoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

Plumber came out today and sorted it out. It’s a darned sight less money than I was anticipating and this makes me exceptionally happy. Not just for the obvious ‘it’s less money’ reason, but also because it means that we can now afford to have our week to Ireland in April that was on hold pending the terror of a mega-bill. Hooray for good news!

What else is going on? I exchanged a couple of emails earlier this week with the World’s Nicest Man and a couple of things he said have left me grinning ever so slightly… particularly the ‘…remember what dogs think of street lamps’ comment that was Just The Right Thing at Just The Right Time. The World’s Nicest Man has been one of the best sources of advice and encouragement ever since this wild and crazy writing thing began and I probably don’t appreciate him publicly enough anywhere near enough. Enough embarrassing him now.

Am working on Accursed Eternity at the moment. It’s not going too badly, but I am finding it weird getting my head out of Huron Blackheart space and into the head of a Star Dragons captain. I completed another short story in Ultra Super Record time, but seeing as that featured Huron Blackheart, it was pretty easy to keep in his ‘head’. This is completely different. Fun, but different. Here. Have a brief excerpt.

‘Ask?’ Tanek’s brow raised. ‘That is not something you usually do, Remigius.’

‘I am pleased that you remember the tenets of my order, Captain Tanek. I have the decree here if you wish to check it…?’ Remigius took out a dataslate and offered it out to the Captain, who ignored it in favour of staring at the Inquisitor.

‘If we do not agree?’

‘I believe you will find that you are not in a position to refuse my request.’ Remigius’s smile could have frozen oceans. ‘Or have you forgotten the terms of the agreement we made the last time we met?’

Waiting for Christian’s feedback on The Gildar Rift second draft. Am sincerely hoping that it’ll just be minor edits now. I am still thrilled that there was really very little to be edited in terms of the overall story, still stunned that a character I thought would be culled got more ‘screen time’ and still enthusiastic about the whole project. It’s occasionally very weird to realise that it’s done and I’ve moved onto the next thing. TGR is going to be my ‘baby’ for a long time, I think.

Onwards, upwards, and back to the Eye of Terror.

Ave Imperator!


One thought on “Cracking Up.

  1. Phil (Phoenix) Thorogood says:

    Looking forward to TGR so much; can’t wait for December!!

    Glad your pipe’s sorted and you guys can get out to Ireland after all, you guys deserve it! 🙂

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