Under the Weather

Am feeling under the weather.

Wait. That sounds like a cue for a song.

The stomach gripes started last night sometime and haven’t let up yet. You know the ones; when it feels like someone has plunged their hand into your gut and is squeezing your stomach and intestines from within. Wringing everything out of them. Squeezing every last lingering ounce of pain that wakes you up and leaves you feeling washed out and miserable.

I don’t do ‘being unwell’ with grace. I am blessed with pretty good health and other than the odd cold here and there, don’t normally have anything to complain about. This is a mixed blessing because when I do feel rotten, I do it wholeheartedly.

Small Son has been looking after me though. He fetched me cups of tea, offered to make me warm milk and honey to ‘settle your stomach, mum’ and is just generally a pleasure to have around. I’m upset though, because tomorrow is Mother’s Day. Dearly Beloved will be working, so we were going to go out for a meal tonight instead of tomorrow and now that’s not going to happen. I feel like the universe is robbing me of something precious. Even more so given that Small Son goes back to his dad’s tomorrow evening as well. Ha ha, universe, not funny.

I’ve been having some angst over Accursed Eternity to the point that I almost deleted it last night. Then, with a bit of a discussion with one of the other authors and a simple suggestion on his part, it feels fixed. The problem in this instance was structure and pacing. Short stories are pretty easy to pace and novels sort of take care of themselves as well. But the 30,000 word constraint of a novella is kind of weird in terms of build and action. I think the suggestion works though and when I’m not feeling quite so bleurgh, I will press on and restructure what I have based on what I’ve already written. I’m acutely aware that there is a certain scene that has echoes of void war stuff I’ve just written in The Gildar Rift and don’t want to start replicating myself.

Void war, though.


Battlefleet Gothic ships…

So not much writing has gotten done today. Actually, that’s an understatement. It’s why I’m writing a blog entry because if I don’t, I won’t have written anything today and that’s not good. Think I shall throw myself more bodily into it when I’m not feeling like I’ve been hit by a bus.

Get up, shut up, give me Nurofen Plus…


3 thoughts on “Under the Weather

  1. Schafe says:

    fun fact about me, that always used to be my fave track on the album. Echo Park being one of those early albums where I actually started to develop my own musical tastes outside of just a wall of indifference towards the music on the local commercial radio stations.

    That said now I am no longer 13 year olds I’d probably say piece by piece was my fave, that or we can’t rewind.

    Now that I’m done sharing delightful insights into my own being I can say that I’m glad you didn’t do the whole deletion thing (I say right now having not read the thing. It could end up rubbish at which point deleting it all now would be proven to be for the best) the facebook status thing kinda scared me. Also sorry to hear that you are ill this weekend of all weekends (although I still contest that “Mothering Sunday” should be the Sunday when Mother’s nationwide bring out their A-game and Mother that bit harder/stronger/faster/better/sexier than they do on other sundays if not other days generally and I BEGRUDGE most strongly the fact that my definition isn’t the one held by society so that I am forced to show appreciation to my life giver instead of just letting it be unsaid and unshown and just believing that she understood and knows cos that makes things easier for me).

    Get well soon, and immediately afterwards GET BACK TO WORK!

  2. riocaz says:

    Just sommit to amuse you the last email from Amazon:

    Subject: Amazon.co.uk: The Gildar Rift (Space Marine Battles)
    Are you looking for something in our Science Fiction & Fantasy Books category? If so, you might be interested in these items.

    In this message:
    * The Gildar Rift (Space Marine Battles)

  3. Rob Sanders says:

    Hope you’re feeling better, Sarah!

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