I’d Procrastinate… If I Could Be Bothered

Stomach bug went within 24 hours. I felt like my weekend had been robbed. Still, there’s a bunch of bank holidays (and a week off work for me me) coming up and that gives me a fresh surge of energy.

However, procrastination abounds. Something to do with the weather turning nicer that makes me go ‘but I don’t WANNA!’ when it comes to sitting in front of the PC. I’ve been rebellious for the last two days and selfishly enjoyed time away from the PC with Dearly Beloved and Small Son. We went for a walk down by the river in Durham on Friday night, then ate out (my belated Mother’s Day treat) and came home. We realised that now Small Son is older and falls sensibly into the 12 certificate arena, there are a number of films that are missing from his cinematic education. These aren’t necessarily OMG!SUPERFANTASTICALINCREDIBLE films, but rather ones that are entertaining for one reason or another. Friday saw us watching Independence Day and Rat Race. Last night, we watched Rush Hour and National Treasure.

Yesterday (Saturday), we trundled off into Newcastle for a general mooch about. Met up with one of my friends who hauled me to GW so he could buy a copy of Victories of the Space Marines and get me to sign it in the shop. This then led to the store manager popping to get his copy as well. I was both flattered and insanely shy about it.

Am liking the Grey Knights codex, if only because there are so many references to the Silver Skulls! I can see lots of potential for future stories there…

Speaking of future stories, Accursed Eternity is going along quite slowly, but this is actually more deliberate than I think it is. I know full well that once I get into ‘the zone’ I can mash out 8,000 words in two days without batting an eyelid. I feel like I’m actually taking my time with this baby. (Incidentally, the overall book that will contain the four novellas, Architect of Fate has now been announced at the BL site. They’ve also announced a swathe of other stuff for next year, too).

The Gildar Rift is done. Email from my editor earlier in the week that simply said ‘this is all groovy now’ (which is terribly 60’s of him). There was one slight alteration to make which took me all of about two minutes and that was it. Done. Finished. My first novel. That’s pretty monumental and even though I know the other BL writers are probably pretty blasé about it now, for me, completing my first novel is a Big Deal. I’m no longer an author wannabe. I’m an author. And there’s plenty more stuff in the pipeline to keep me going.

There are days when it all still makes me reel a little. There are days when I’ll read something nice someone has said and I’ll blush at the computer screen. (A nice comment was passed over at Warseer of all places, the one forum on the internet devoted to Warhammer that genuinely makes me wonder why some people bother). There are the odd negative comments to deal with, but once I got my head around the fact that these weren’t personally directed at me (and that’s a hard thing to do), I find that they largely roll off me. If the negative comment contains something constructive, I’ll take it on board… otherwise I’ll just remember that you can’t please all of the people all of the time. Or, as is the case with LRPers, you can please some of the people occasionally, but never for long and never quite to their expectations.

Anyway, now that I’ve wittered, I must head back to the Accursed Eternity. Things are starting to look just a wee bit grim for the lads and I don’t want to leave them to their own devices for too long, otherwise chaos will ensue. Or have the Inquistion got it in hand?

By the command of the Ordo Malleus of the holy Inquisition, the Balanor system and all vessels therein are deemed treachoris in extremis. In His name, we come. This situation is now under our control.


2 thoughts on “I’d Procrastinate… If I Could Be Bothered

  1. AJ says:

    Waiting for The Gildar Rift now 😀 Its going to be a terrible wait but ah well.. and I might be able to get Victories in about a month or so too so excited about that as well.

    – Shadowhawk

  2. Phil (Phoenix) Thorogood says:

    Well done Sarah, we all knew you could do it!

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