The One and Only…

Another one of those music-inspired blog entries. This was playing on the car on the way home from an after-work appointment and it was one of those serendipity filled moments when it was just the right song for the moment.

I am the one and only, nobody I’d rather be
I am the one and only, you can’t take that away from me.

Wise words from Mr. Hawkes there.

I have mentioned in the past on this blog about the long-term effect bullying has had on my self-confidence. It’s days like today when I realise that I’m finally starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel that really isn’t an oncoming train. Today, I have been hugely positive about all sorts of things. The Gildar Rift is done and now away with the copy editors and proof readers. In a few short months, it will be, you know. An actual book. With my name on it and stuff. It’s the culmination of a life’s ambition and the feeling of confidence it instills is massive.

What in the name of all that’s good and holy is all that colourful text about, you may be wondering. It was a random exercise on my part. To read a paragraph I’ve written about life in general and measure out the number of positive thoughts versus the negative ones. Today, the good stuff outweighs the bad by a healthy factor. This pleases me. This is also probably because I’m so hugely busy with writing at the moment that I’m starting to realise that no, actually, this isn’t all a dream. So, let’s talk about the Projects. The Gildar Rift was known as Project Tiger, for no clever reason other than its initials of TGR.

I’m creative, me.

I’m over the halfway mark with Project Hotdog now. Project Hotdog is, of course, Accursed Eternity, my 30,000 word Space Marines Battles novella which will be one of four forming the overall story of Architect of Fate. Getting over the halfway mark is a massive, massive milestone as I’m sure any other writer will tell you. It’s like… seeing that little crack of daylight at the far end of the dense woods through which you’ve been walking. You know now that if you put a bit of effort in, the walk to that sunlight will be quick and pleasurable. Unless you get waylaid by a badger with a pistol. Watch out for those. Nasty buggers.

I wrote Project Innabottle in two days because I thought my editor was being serious. It’s a short story, but I’ll say no more about it than that other than to add that I’m outrageously proud of the end result. It came out almost exactly as I envisioned it.

Also on the go are Project Podshot (very active), Project Ten Monkeys (active), Project What, You As Well? (slight simmer), Project I CAN HEAR YOU (occasional bubbles bursting the surface), Project Pint in Bugmans (likely to get the heat turned on beneath it soon), Project Outrageously Ambitious,  and Project Flail. These last two are still in the jar waiting to go into the pan.

Occasionally I wonder how the hell I’m achieving all of this with a full time job and a family. I’m even sleeping well now because I gave up drinking roughly a milk tanker load of coffee every day. I’ve been drinking loads of water. It’s worked wonders for me. Now on the job to cut back on the cups of tea I drink at home. Dearly Beloved seems to exist on the stuff; and every time he makes himself a cup, he makes one for me. I bought lemon and ginger herbal teabags earlier so shall encourage him to make me one of those instead.

Damn me, but I’m virtuous.

And busy. Very, very busy.

But most of all, right now, I’m positive. Indeed, I am the one and only.

Nobody I’d rather be.


7 thoughts on “The One and Only…

  1. Katie says:

    Try Peppermint or Apple and Pear. So good. I have many flavours of tea (Becasue you drink it withou milk, see?) You may try them all while you are over.

    Tea tasting.


  2. Jeff Preston says:

    Sounds like you are doing really great. I’m *SO* effing proud of you! You two still considering a trip here in November? We’d love to have you.

  3. Erunanion says:

    It is really good to hear that positive thoughts are happening. I can’t imagine what sending the finished Gildar Rift manuscript felt like, but I suspect it was good things. Keep hold of those thoughts; its a hell of an accomplishment, plus people will buy it and say nice things about you! 🙂

    Also, good lord woman that is many projects!

  4. AJ says:

    Can’t wait for TGR I can tell you that. IA9 & 10 have really sparked an interest in Huron and the Astral Claws. Not to mention that the Badab War is a really really rich area to delve into and write about. I have a few ideas kicking in my head about it but sadly I lack a copy of IA10 so I am not sure how that is going to work out.

    Anywho, like Eru said, that is a hell of a lot of projects. Wonder how you keep it all straight in your head 🙂

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