One Is A Genius, The Other’s Insane…

I am on holiday in sunny Ireland, and it really is sunny. Spent a lovely, productive morning in the sunshine drinking tea and talking to Aaron about Pinky and the Brain. It was an intelligent conversation, truly it was. Although someone on Facebook has now observed that one of us must be Pinky and the other Brain. I fear, true as it may be, that I am Pinky. The image evidence is there.

Aaron & Sarah... I mean, Pinky & The Brain, obviously.

Aaron & Sarah... I mean, Pinky & The Brain, obviously.

So we got here on Monday, after driving through the same village about three times. The down side of the middle of nowhere is that it’s in, well, the middle of nowhere and it’s easy to miss the turning. Already my car suspension hates, loathes and despises me for driving up and down the lane, but I have just told it to shush. It got us up to the Giant’s Causeway yesterday – and back again, despite taking the comedy route. (‘We’re not lost, we’re temporarily displaced’).

The Giant’s Causeway was pretty outstanding, I have to say. You wouldn’t think a bunch of mostly hexagonal rocks could be so intriguing, but they were. We scrambled and climbed like some slightly wobbly mountain goats and soaked up the sunshine. It was so warm and pleasant and despite the vast numbers of tourists, peaceful. Then we drove the million miles return journey to the Back of Beyond, County Somewhere in Ireland, watched ‘Super Troopers’ and ate food. It was a lovely day. And I wasn’t at work which somehow made it all the more wonderful.

We were then up until ridiculous o’clock painting miniatures, although I spent most of it attempting (and failing) to build my combat squad of Space Marines. The one of them has ended up looking a bit bashful. It’s hard to explain, but that’s how he looks. In the end, Dearly Beloved and Aaron took pity on my Chapter, cursed as they appear to be with the bendy gene seed, and built them for me.

Sometimes, being useless has its advantages.

It was a surprising amount of fun and incredibly sociable sitting around the table. Dearly Beloved and I had one of our usual random conversations which I think must have made poor A & K wonder what they had done, letting us into their house.

This morning dawned bright and sunny again and this afternoon, we’re off to some caves. I like caves. There’s something incredibly peaceful about them. And caves are irrevocably linked in my mind with bats. And I like bats. So all is good.

We’re here until Friday evening when we get the ferry back to Blighty. It’s a four hour drive from Stranraer to home. We don’t get in until about 10pm, but you know what? Coming home at that time of night will probably be a breeze. So yeah. Sod it, I’ll be driving home. The thing about being on holiday is that when it’s over, all you want is your own bed. Then I’m not back at work until Tuesday, so still a few extra days to be chill and probably finish the first draft of Accursed Eternity which is now over the 20k mark.

That’s a thing – novella-length stories are freaking weird. I can’t quantify why that is. They’re just really hard to write.

Project: Podshot has moved onto the next phase and might well be the next thing that needs doing. Carry on watching this space, because it’s just slightly more productive than watching paint dry.

Speaking of paint drying, I believe my Space Marines are presently receiving their initial basecoat. Time to decide if I want to be Blood Angels (my heart beats forever Baal) or Silver Skulls…


8 thoughts on “One Is A Genius, The Other’s Insane…

  1. Schafe says:

    What? Silver Skulls were actually a successor of the Blood Angels but nobody noticed because they had none of the cool and awesome space vampire traits?

    That was unexpected.

  2. Raziel4707 says:

    Provided you name one of them Castiel, I see no issue with them being BAs. Oh, and have a black, helmetless one called Blood Angel Baracus. And by helmetless I mean devoid of a hat, not the victim of an unfortunate wanking accident.

    Oh and Ireland sounds nice 🙂

  3. Tink says:

    We buy a lot of our models second hand on ebay, they come in all sorts of weird and wacky poses. My favourite so far being the Space Marine who looked terrified of his weapon. Sadly he fell to bits in the Dettol bath (whoever put him together hadn’t used plastic glue!), so Jamie’s had to carefully recreate the stupid pose for me.

  4. Jay says:

    Sarah – as the most recently successful new author for Black Library do you have any words of wisdom/advice etc for budding writers who hope to get one of their shorts stories commissioned by BL via their open submission window? Many thanks. Jay

    • Hi, Jay

      The main thing is to take care with you pitch. Quality rather than quantity is the order of the day: far better to submit one idea that has been worked on properly than to deluge the Submissions Editor with endless pitches.

      Don’t try to re-write known codex lore and don’t try to over-complicate your idea.

      Don’t try to imitate someone else’s style – have confidence in your own.

      More than anything, don’t labour it. Don’t go over and over your submission because believe you me, you’ll get sick of it very quickly!

      Hope some of this is useful.


  5. Jay says:

    Fab thanks

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