All Good Things…

I have to go back to work tomorrow. This sucks majorly, but I can’t really complain too much. I’ve had a wonderful eleven days free of stress and worry. No anxieties over patients slipping through the net, no worries about how fecking big the Meeting of Doom will be… of course, I effectively have two weeks worth of work to catch up on so that won’t be fun. Have to keep grinning and bearing it though; for now at least it pays the bills. Eyes are well and truly peeled for an alternative though – that’s for sure.

We got back home from Ireland on Friday night – arrived in Stranraer at 10.15pm and were home by 1.30am. Nothing on the roads, just a straight-through run that was kept lively by a game of Word Association. We started with Aardvark and by the time over an hour had passed, we had ended up somewhere in the Worlds of Warhammer. Got home and pretty much crashed.

Went to the pictures on Saturday to see ‘Thor’, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Dearly Beloved was grumpy largely because they didn’t use the Ultimates outfit (he hates the original one, I liked the blend of the two). But the Asgard visuals were lovely and for my money, Chris Hemsworth made a fabulous Thor. He was quite easy on the eyes as well. Sounded just like Heath Ledger though, which was odd.

So the pictures and the following meal out marked the end of what was probably our first proper family few days away in quite some time. Whenever we’ve taken Small Son anywhere, it’s inevitably been to a LRP event and whilst he has always had fun, he really seemed to enjoy himself in Ireland. He went back to his dad’s yesterday full of stories. The house is very, very quiet without him.

Today saw me properly get back to Accursed Eternity. Have eked out around 1,500 words so far today and honestly don’t think I’ll push it. There may be another writing spree in a while, but what came this morning flowed nicely which is always satisfying. The story itself is still holding its shape well enough although I can see where I’m going to be doing some editing when I’ve finished. I have found the 30,000 word thing to be… well, I’ve used the word weird to describe it but that doesn’t really convey what I’m feeling. Short stories of around 10k are easy to write. They’re self-contained and the pacing is easy to maintain. Whilst writing The Gildar Rift, I had no problem with that either, despite the initial terror of the word count.

Still, nearly there. Stay on target… stay on target… Plus, I’m loving my Star Dragons. The Inquisitor less so.

Gone back to reading Robin Hobb’s Liveship trilogy on a whim and I’m really glad I did. I had forgotten completely how wonderfully that woman writes. The characters in the Liveship books are so vivid and sympathetic – even the less pleasant ones – that you feel there with them. Lovely escapism in those stories. Am glad I pulled them off the shelf again.

So as of tomorrow, I’m back to normal. I feel relaxed from my time off, certainly, but for the first time I can remember since being in this job, have a creeping sense of dread about going back. That’s usually my cue to find something new…


3 thoughts on “All Good Things…

  1. Schafe says:

    Hemsworth and Ledger are both Australian, that might explain the percived simularities. (I’m not saying there aren’t any, I just didn’t notice, I was enthralled by that movie no outside thoughts came into my head during it)

  2. Sarah,

    I have followed your progress for a while now and am really chuffed to see you doing so well with the BL.

    Anyway, this was just a quick note to say keep it up. I have followed your blog for a while and decided on a whim to download one of the Hammer & Bolter ebooks and check your story out. I have to say it was really pretty good. I may even buy your book.

    Anyway, well done.

    • Hi Mark

      Thank you for the kind words! Am very pleased you enjoyed my contributions to H&B 1 and 5. There’s another story in next month – H&B8. 🙂

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