Busy Busy


In an entirely good way. Well, mostly good anyway.

First of all… latest position on the ongoing war with Sky. After a series of increasingly incompetent emails in which they repeatedly called me Miss Hawkins, I have made the decision to cancel my account. This was after they offered me Sky+HD for the third time despite me patiently telling them that if I wanted that service, I’d have asked for it in the the first place. They also seemed to get a bit confused when I asked them why they have a picture of a pretty Sky+ box with small print saying “normal price of Sky+ £49” and then try to charge existing customers £99 for the same product.

Silly Sky.

Anyway, as of this morning, I requested they cancel my account. I bought a Freeview box on Thursday and it works beautifully. Problem solved, and the best part of £300 per year saved. Bonus!

Over the weekend, I finished writing the first draft of Accursed Eternity. I’m pretty pleased with it, although it’s felt a lot harder to write than The Gildar Rift. There’s just something about the length of a novella that feels awkward. Regardless, I’m within the word limit (although that may change after my first edit and require some deletion) and I stuck fairly closely to my original synopsis. Reckon it’ll be with my editor by the end of this week at which point I can move onto the next project. They really are keeping me very busy.

As such, with the sheer volume of writing work and the ‘day job’, I’ve not had much chance of late to spend at the Black Library Bolthole. It had a bad week after some spambot got hold of it and caused all sorts of chaos. This led to a reset of the board’s skinning and template options. There are one or two other little hiccups that are waiting to be ironed out. I miss being over there, although when I looked in briefly, the mod team seem to have stuff pretty well in hand. People are busy with their submissions for the Black Library’s open window. It’s nice to watch the enthuasiasm and the way that the majority of those who post in the Shoutbox are helping each other out. It’s what the site was put together for in the first place. So that’s all well.

Eurovision was last night. I’ve been a huge fan of Eurovision for a long time; not for the music, but for the sheer spectacle of it all. Things seem to get increasingly wild and crazy as time goes by. I have to say now, though… the voting is tedious. It’s always been political, but the sheer quantity of countries now involved in the voting process means that it takes almost as long to get through as the twenty five songs themselves. Anyway, despite an exceptional showing by Moldova, who were wearing pointy hats and featured a woman dressed as a fairy on a unicycle, Azerbaijan won with a typically bland and sub-standard song and performance. Graeme Norton observed that at least Azerbaijan were one of the few countries still partaking in Eurovision who could actually afford to put the thing on next year. Ireland were probably cacking themselves at the point Jedward went into the lead.

The German organisers put on a pretty good show, though. All kudos to them.

Today I’ve largely been doing very little other than sorting some bits and pieces out and am presently sat here watching The Spy Who Loved Me, which is one of the better James Bond films. Plus… Lotus Elite that turns into a submarine. What’s not to like?

Busy busy.


For the person who came to the site with the search term ‘Primary Instinct Silver Skulls PDF’, may I point you here?

3 thoughts on “Busy Busy

  1. Judith says:

    I’m thinking we need to campaign for Bill Bailey, Mitch Benn, Victoria Wood and The Gadget Show to do the next UK entry.

  2. Flickums says:

    Eurovision was a good ‘un. Only thing that really ticked me off was the booing audience. Yes, there’s always the political voting, but booing a performer because of this is just not cool.

  3. riocaz says:

    I ebayed myself a sky HD box a week or two ago, due to them refusing to replace my recently out of warrenty box and insisting that the problems I was having were due to by dish being out of alignment (Sky don’t seem to understand that the sale of goods act applies to their buggy crap equipment).

    The new box (unsurprisingly) has fixed all the problems I was having. channels which were previously either just Blue, or a randomly squarky mess of squares. Are now clear…

    & I had to explain 3 times when I called to pair the new box and my old card that I didn’t want to upgrade to Sky+HD.

    However the new Sky Anytime is a singular brightspot. It was worth the £56 the new box cost me.

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