Beyond Busy, Into Hectic

But first, some music for no reason other than I’m really liking these guys at the moment.

Catchy little number; nice bass, nice drums, good singer. Can’t ask for more than that. I think I’ve said before that I have a really eclectic playlist with everything from classics right up to heavy metal. I just like what I like.

What I haven’t liked has been this week. It’s had some Very Good bits – such as sending in the first draft of Accursed Eternity and having minimal edits to do on it. Synopsis is away for Project: Handbags at Dawn and Project: Podshot is ramping up to start. I hope to enlighten you on what both of these projects are in due course. For now, they’re Project [Codename]. Don’t know why I do that. It amuses me.

Anyway. So the writing part is all fine and hunky dory. Incidentally, Hammer & Bolter Issue 8 is out tomorrow and features another Silver Skulls short story called Cause and Effect – a follow-on from Action and Consequence that was published back in H&B 5. Just so you know.

Work has been hellish; very busy but our computer systems are far, far, far away from what you might call robust. I half-suspect they’re actually running everything from a ZX Spectrum some days it’s that bad. When our systems or slow or – as has been the case this week – dead, then we can’t do anything even remotely practical except sit there and glare at the computers and somehow hope the database pixies will skip along and fix them.

Took a decadent day off in the middle of the week; have plenty of flexi-time owing and Dearly Beloved had his day off, so we spent it together. With him working weekends, this is actually a rarity, so that was quite pleasant. We had all these amazing plans to go to Flamingo Land, but in the end we went into Durham and spent money on books, DVDs and, in Ben’s case, Yet Another Tank for his Imperial Guard Army. (My Space Marine army now consists of a total of three painted figures. Go, me!) The day off certainly made the week easier to bear and I’m reminding myself that a) it’s payday next week and b) there’s another bank holiday coming up. Woo for that. Then I just have to get through June, to my week off and trip to Ireland for wedding shenanigans in July. I’m wishing my life away. I think it’s the NHS that does that to you.

In a minute, I’m going to go run a very hot bath and pour myself a glass of rum and coke and just lie there with a book for a bit. It’s one of the most relaxing things I know, even if we have the world’s tiniest bath that is roughly the right length for a twelve year old. I can cope, somehow. Have a pile of new books to read, none of which are Warhammer related, and I think I’m going to start with Raven: Blood Eye. Nothing like viking violence to relax to.

Local village mediaeval fayre on Saturday: that’s usually worth a giggle and there’s invariably the opportunity to drink some very nice beer, so I shall try to get through tomorrow, when I believe our systems are going down AGAIN as they put fresh hamsters into the wheel and look forward to the weekend.

Onwards. Onwards and upwards!

(But at least Accursed Eternity is written…)


2 thoughts on “Beyond Busy, Into Hectic

  1. Raziel4707 says:

    Glad the writing is going well, for purely selfish reasons of course. If only the bloody computers weren’t such a nightmare…

  2. Database pixies! 😀

    Your ‘Project’ thingummyjig amuses me too.

    Like the song. For some reason it made me think of another random song that I haven’t listened to in (literally) years:

    And a day spent buying books and DVDs? I can think of worse ways to spend your day off!

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