On Weekends, Writing, White Dwarf and W… um… Wombles


A few people have asked me in this past week how I manage to do as much writing as I have been of late whilst still holding down a full time job. The answer is actually very, very, simple. When you’re a part-time writer, weekends are your friend. There is also this other very vitally important point to bear in mind.

I rarely go out anywhere.

Some people have difficulty comprehending this. Almost every week, someone will ask the question to which I rarely have an answer. ‘What are you doing at the weekend?’

The answer, I think (but never say), is outrageously complex and lengthy. Saturday, I could say, will probably consist of getting up when I wake up (which is usually between 7-8am. Never been one for staying in bed all day). Then I might half-heartedly run the vacuum cleaner around, do some laundry, consider doing some ironing and then not do it. Then I’ll switch on the PC and do some writing for a couple of hours. That couple of hours will turn into much longer because I become distracted by The Interwebs and all its evils.

I might sometimes go into Durham where I will invariably wander around restlessly before ending up in Games Workshop and solving the problems of the world with my local store manager. Then I’ll come home. I might watch Doctor Who if it happens to be ‘in season’, then Dearly Beloved comes home from work at about 7pm. We’ll have dinner, watch some stuff on DVD. He might play video games, I might do some more writing.

Sunday is a ‘rinse-repeat’ of Saturday.

Really, that’s it. Sometimes we might throw caution to the wind and go to the cinema or out for a meal. Occasionally we’ll go visit people, but we’re actually rather anti-social, I guess. Thus it gives me plenty of writing time. The same is true during the week after work. No social life = more writing time. It helps, without question.


So in the past twelve months, I’ve had three short stories published. Primary Instinct in Victories of the Space Marines and Hammer & Bolter 1, Action & Consequence in Hammer & Bolter 5 and Cause & Effect in Hammer & Bolter 8. I’ve completed my first novel which is due for release in December (see also: White Dwarf further down this entry). I’ve also just finished my 30k novella, Accursed Eternity for an anthology that comes out in April next year. I also have three other ‘live’ projects ongoing (Projects Shoehorn, Handbags at Dawn and Podshot respectively). I short, the writing is going brilliantly and I’m still loving it.

White Dwarf

Well, I’ve yet to get my hands on a copy, but June 2011’s issue of White Dwarf has confirmed that The Gildar Rift will be going on pre-release at Games Day in September. This is at one and the same time very exciting and faintly terrifying. A whole bunch of people have sent me really positive messages about this and my confidence is nicely buoyed. Things were surreal after last Games Day when Christian announced that I was going to be writing the thing. Imagine what this year will be like.


There are no wombles here. Move along.

Wombles. Not Here

We are not here.


6 thoughts on “On Weekends, Writing, White Dwarf and W… um… Wombles

  1. Mossy says:

    I have a similar, if even less exciting weekend schedule. It’s a bit depressing, all things considered.

    Still, massive congratulations and mad props to you for what you’ve accomplished in the past year!

  2. Tink says:

    we got our copy of White Dwarf yesterday and had a mini squee when we saw your book in it 🙂

  3. AJ says:

    Since when is Accursed Eternity 30k? 😀

  4. Sounds like a great weekend routine. Mine used to be similar (when I was working full-time at a more conventional job). I’d write when I woke up while my girlfriend (now wife) slept ’til late. Then I’d write some more while she went off to the gym. In fact, because of my writing (I like to think) she got herself an MA from the OU. I think it was a case of, if you can’t beat ’em…

    Sounds like you’re keep *very* busy with the writing work too, which is great!

    I know how exciting it is seeing your stuff advertised in WD too. My latest Pax Britannia novel has a full page spread in this month’s Judge Dredd Megazine – which was nice.

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