Onwards and Upwards

It’s been a wild week.

I have finished the first draft of Project Shoehorn and after a re-read, plan to send it on to the Editor Beast sometime this weekend. This means I can now move onto Project Handbags at Dawn before I can return to the joy of Project Podshot. I love doing this project naming thing, it makes me chuckle. But one way or the other, I’m pretty bloody busy at the moment. As such, I made a decision this week and am no longer an admin/moderator at my forum. I have ‘given it to the people’. The Black Library Bolthole was created for a specific purpose – and it’s achieved that. I wanted to see people have somewhere to continue with their BL fiction writing when the official forums closed… and they’re still at it. And more than anything, they seem to be enjoying it. And that makes me happy. But when you’re up to your eyeballs… something has to give. And thus, I am ‘downgraded’.

Last weekend we were happily visiting with a bunch of awesome folk and took a side trip to the cinema to see X-Men: First Class. And damn me, but that was a good film. At its heart, X-Men has always been about the strange rivalry/camaraderie between Chuck and Erik and they pulled that off amazingly well in this film. It had action, it had story, it was just… great. Seriously contemplating another visit to re-assess it. And look at Michael Fassbender’s backside again. I mean, really. Occasionally, there’s just someone who has no right to be that ridiculously Zoolander-esque good looking. But he takes that medal.

I may have digressed. I do that.

What else is new this week? Had to go out and buy a new TV the other day as our previous one just decided to die a death. Of course, with the way things are changing – SCART is dying a death and HDMI is coming in – you discover that you’re a SCART socket down and your cinema surround system now no longer works the way it did. Too many cables, too little time. Hey, ho. But at least we can still watch DVDs with decent sound. Just not Blu-ray at the moment. Something will happen, I’m sure.

Been giving thought to whether or not to go LRPing again next year. So far this year, I’m enjoying my time off from it. It has been a lot of fun in the past, but with the ridiculous playground behaviour that I’ve been subjected to in the last year or so, I am finding it amazingly hard to muster the enthusiasm to go back. I miss most of the people, but I don’t miss the camping, the cold, the crappy showers or the tiredness. At all. So I guess it’ll just have to wait.

Ooh! Ooh! Can’t remember if I said or not, but the latest edition of White Dwarf confirmed that The Gildar Rift is one of the pre-release titles available at Games Day this year. That’s actually exciting. And terrifying. But mostly exciting. I have the proofs right here in front of me and should actually be doing something with them. But I’ve been tied up with Shoehorn and Handbag… and full time work… and washing and ironing and all the other stuff that comes with being an adult… I do hate that. Being an adult. It makes me consider buying new tiles for the roof before that new PC that I really want.

Such cruelty.

To sign off, today’s funny picture.

Chewbacca Dog

It's uncanny.


6 thoughts on “Onwards and Upwards

  1. willhowers says:

    I must admit, since you werent there in the beginning, that you have been a wonderful addition to my “Black Library Life” and it seems kinda appropriate that now you have ascended to the “next level” you will be handing over the reigns of the forum.

    And if that all sounds kinda cheesy, then just imagine a mildly intoxicated thumbs up and you will get the picture!



  2. Schafe says:

    It’s going to be less fun ridiculing you now that there is no danger that you may smite me with modpowers.

    Still fun enough.

    Now get back to work!

  3. Jeff Preston says:

    Lady Pyro, there is nothing you can’t do. You’re an example for the rest of us: If you want to do it, keep doing it till it catches hold! Your successes bring us all glory! You give all the little people hope!

    Ok, now I’m just being silly.

    You are much like the “Hometown girl who makes it to the big time.”
    While there will be pundits, wankers on Warsneer, and folks grinding over sour grapes, remind yourself that not only have you done it, you’ve done it repeatedly. People believe in you.

    Ignore the small, petty bastards and believe in yourself and there is nothing you can’t accomplish.

    You rock the casbah baby!


    Jeff, God of Biscuits!

  4. AJ says:

    *makes plan for GDUK to get Pyro to sign a copy of TGR* exciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiting

  5. Phil (Phoenix) Thorogood says:

    Whilst I agree with the essence of X-men First Class, the story was inconsistent in regards to the other films….that is, however, my only quibble.

    Glad your busy, and hopefully you’ll be able to drop the whole ‘work’ side of things and be an author as planned. Keep it up (Y)

    • AJ says:

      It actually was indeed. But its a minor quibble. Sadly they did not bother to maintain any continuity even with Wolverine, which was really disheartening.

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