No Rest For The Wicked…

…so I must be very, very bad.

Just a quick entry, really. Have been very busy in the week since the return from our action-packed and key-locking excursion to the Emerald Isle. Took the extra few days off work as my cue to get stuck into Project: Podshot and am very pleased that I am already onto the start of Chapter Three. My target for the end of July is almost halfway met and this pleases me no end. Not least of all because there are a whole bunch of other things going on. Watch, as they say, this space.

The delectable and unfeasibly tall Commissar Ploss of the Founding Fields contacted me and gave me a couple of things that kept me busy. First of all, he invited me to guest blog for him on the subject of writing around a full time job. On Time Management can be found here.

Then Plossington put me in touch with the fellas over at the Overlords. I had a chat with the Ultra-Smooth Dagmire and then found myself partaking in one of their podcasts. Now… I’ve never been involved in a podcast before, so I had no idea what to expect. But not only was it nothing like I expected, it was possibly one of the most entertaining three hours of my entire life. It was like one of our RPG gaming sessions, when people kept wandering off at unexpected tangents.

There’s a lot of it, but it can be found here – and those guys know their gaming stuff. I just kind of went quiet and hid under the desk whilst they Did Their Thing. They’re threatening to let me play again sometime. I hope so!

Must go back to being wicked.


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