Reasons Why I’m Not Missing LRP #7

Reasons Why I’m Not Missing LRP #7

So. Here’s the last entry in my week’s worth of answers to the question ‘why don’t you miss going to LRP’? And it’s pretty self-explanatory. And probably not very nice.

I’ve got other things to do.

No word of a lie. In the last year, my writing career has taken off. I need to concentrate my time and energy on making sure that it stays in a generally upwards direction. Forfeiting as much time as I was investing into events would have interfered with this quite considerably this year. And in all honesty, the way I was left feeling by the behaviour of a number of different people last year left me genuinely disheartened. Why, in the name of all that’s good and holy, would I want to expose myself to such people?

Yes, it’s the minority. Most of the people at LRP are fabulous and I miss them. But then again, most of the people I miss are on Facebook anyway, so we stay in touch. But that minority can be very vocal, very difficult and, whether intentionally or not, very, very nasty.

So in a nutshell, the answer to the original question is ‘the reason I don’t miss LRP is because I’m much, much happier being out of it.’

Will I go back? That’s the next question and the answer is that I honestly don’t know. At the moment, Dearly Beloved is actually less inclined to go back than I am – he chose to stay away this year for reasons of his own (ask him, not me). If he doesn’t particularly fancy it next year, then I probably won’t bother either. We may pare back the LRP kit to the bare minimum so that if we do suddenly get the urge, we can go. But for now… who knows?

Thank you for bearing with me during this week of colossal ranting. Normal service will now be resumed.

You know.

Colossal ranting.


One thought on “Reasons Why I’m Not Missing LRP #7

  1. Catharsis is a wonderful thing… I hope. 😉

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