So… Pretty…

Am discovering just how nice it is to be able to do this. The despicably talented Jon Sullivan’s cover for the anthology that contains one of my stories went live today. And oh, it’s pretty.

Architect of Fate

Kairos Fateweaver doesn't react well to the clingfilm-on-loo-bowl prank.

This anthology comes out in May 2012 and features four novella-length stories, including my Accursed Eternity story (featuring the Blood Swords and Star Dragons).


2 thoughts on “So… Pretty…

  1. Rob Sanders says:

    Beautiful cover, Sarah – in a horrific, you’re about to get turned into Chaos spawn, way. This is, of course, the best way. In the full piece I noticed space marines getting warped – are they the chapters that feature in the novellas?

    • Pyroriffic says:

      Ol’ Kairos Fateweaver is a bit lush, eh?

      There are several chapters featured across the novellas, so undoubtedly there’ll be SOME of them in there! 😉

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